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Libraries big and small need the support of their communities. In pre-COVID times, fundraising could run the gamut from a book sale to a large Gala with a keynote author. This is yet another area where libraries have had to pivot to the “new normal”.  Cindy Sharek, Director of Donor Relations for the King County Library System Foundation, shares how they’ve adapted.  How are you using Virtual Campaigns?  The KCLS Foundation participates every year in three giving days.  Library Giving Day (April 23) GiveBig (May 5-6) Giving Tuesday (Dec. 1) In 2020, these were even more important to our fundraising for the year. All three were virtual and we had great results. We used email campaigns, social media posts, and direct mail to spread the word. We were able to put together a strong match pool for Library Giving Day and raised over $110,000 between GiveBig and Library Giving Day….

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The ALSC/Candlewick Press “Light the Way: Outreach to the Underserved” Grant is now live!

It’s grant writing time, and for many public libraries, grants are the main driver of funding for new and existing programs. It’s a stressful time, both for those writing the grants, and those awarding them. The best advice I can give is to be selective! Research what grants are available to you, and make sure what you’re asking for fits the selection criteria of the grant being awarded. Once you’ve identified a grant that matches your needs, review previous grant winners to see if you can identify what made that winning program stand out from the rest of the applicants. Also, work with your program staff to be sure your information is up to date and relevant. Avoid rhetoric and hyperbole. Try to provide anecdotes and testimonies that demonstrate need or previous success. Be specific about outputs and outcomes. The proposal should explicitly state expected practical, tangible outputs. Don’t be…


Inspired Youth Grant Writing at #alsc14 #oakland

Do you need money for awesome youth programming at your library? Of course you do! As part of my library’s grant writing team (a tag team comprised of myself and the awesome librarian/superhero Katie Holahan) I am always on the lookout for funding opportunities. Nancy Baumann and Lisa McClure presented a great session this afternoon that provided practical, helpful tips on writing successful grants for anyone in need of funding. In addition to a wealth of suggestions for grant opportunities session attendees were also given an overview of McClure’s “inspiration to execution” tactics for grant writing. She suggests following the “6 Cs” when pursuing a funding opportunity. 1. Consider: Think about the funder’s mission compared to your library’s mission. Do they align? Be sure to know your youth trends and research. Consider yourself and what distinguishes you from other applicants. 2. Convince: It is important to demonstrate the need for…