Inspired Youth Grant Writing at #alsc14 #oakland

Do you need money for awesome youth programming at your library? Of course you do! As part of my library’s grant writing team (a tag team comprised of myself and the awesome librarian/superhero Katie Holahan) I am always on the lookout for funding opportunities. Nancy Baumann and Lisa McClure presented a great session this afternoon that provided practical, helpful tips on writing successful grants for anyone in need of funding.

In addition to a wealth of suggestions for grant opportunities session attendees were also given an overview of McClure’s “inspiration to execution” tactics for grant writing. She suggests following the “6 Cs” when pursuing a funding opportunity.

1. Consider: Think about the funder’s mission compared to your library’s mission. Do they align? Be sure to know your youth trends and research. Consider yourself and what distinguishes you from other applicants.

2. Convince: It is important to demonstrate the need for this funding. Be sure to make clear that you are not serving the organization, but the people of your community.

3. Conceive: Collaborate on your idea and tie everything together clearly so the funder can understand how it meets the need. Don’t forget you can manipulate your idea to fit the grant.

4. Calculate: Have your budget together before you write the grant. You should include staffing, marketing and even conference costs in your budget if you plan on presenting this project to your peers.

5. Compose: Follow directions, outline key points and review, review, review!

6. Conquer: (!!!) Remember, it is about improving young lives and creating a thriving community.

Inspiring, right? I can’t wait to bring this knowledge to my library and hopefully snag some funding thanks to these great tips!

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