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Passive Programming Builds Community

Winter and spring breaks are coming up, which means our libraries might be more crowded than usual! This is a great time to engage library users, but can also be a bit stressful when trying to manage many age groups simultaneously. Your regularly scheduled toddler storytime now might include older siblings attending, and your children’s section might be filled much earlier than usual. So, how do you balance all of your patrons’ needs simultaneously? Passive programming! But, passive programming is so much more than a tool to help you multitask; it helps build community.

ALA Midwinter 2020

Community at #alamw20

What a day! It may have rained all day– I didn’t step outside until 5 pm- and that was just for a donut run! (Keep track readers- I grabbed three today), but things were full steam ahead at the conference! I spent the day running through the convention center and getting my usual amount of lost, while still attending some cool presentations about stress management, ALSC leadership, and of course grabbing a million books. What stuck out to me today was all the community of ALA! Everywhere you looked were people hugging and screaming and being so happy to see each other again. I loved seeing that! Through my conference years, I have met lots of conference friends– and when you don’t bring coworkers or grad school friends with you– it’s nice to know that there is community everywhere. It makes the conference seem a bit less lonely and overwhelming!…

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Giving Thanks to Your Community

  As a season of thanks and love and family approaches, our roles at the library and in service to children seem more important than ever. It’s a fairly common understatement to say that family is complicated. As adults, we have had our childhood traumas, wrong doings, and injustices along with love, support, and care that have shaped our selves, hopefully we have found good ways to move past or adjust to the bad in life.

Blogger Amy Steinbauer

Story time and… (Improv Your Story Time)

A few years ago, I presented at ALA Annual about how story time could be improved with improv techniques. To me, improv and story time naturally go hand in hand. They both rely on flexibility, spontaneity, and giving and receiving. While I haven’t been practicing improv as much anymore, I have really hit a sweet spot in my story times, and I think it is the improv coming out. For months, I had been feeling the blahs… and now. Everything has clicked into place. So what has suddenly changed? Me!