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Wordless Books in Story Time

I recently observed a story time of a newer story time presenter. I saw their passion and playfulness with the preschool crowd, but felt them trip over the words of the story a bit. Afterwards, we followed up– and I admitted that I only take the words of the books as a suggestion. A tip that I love sharing with parents and caregivers— you don’t have to read every word of the book, every time you read that book. There are many retellings of favorite books, and words are only one part of the story for “reading” the book. 

ALA Annual 2019

C-c-changes coming for ALA Council #alaac19

If you haven’t heard yet, ALA Council has been looking at ways to reorganize and reimagine how Council works and really, how the greater organization of ALA works. Last year, a Steering Committee on Organizational Effectiveness (SCOE) formed a 19 member team alongside Tecker International consulting firm, to complete a comprehensive look at what ALA in review form and also thinking about what we want ALA to look like now and in the future. This restructuring is pretty huge and will very much change how big decisions are made in ALA. There were lots of focus group meeting this past conference to discuss what members want from ALA. We know that there are many challenges, roadblocks, and burdens (financial and otherwise) that hinder participation in ALA and at conferences, and while the plans and designs of SCOE are still in the formulation phase, it feels exciting to re-imagine an ALA…

ALA Annual 2019

#ALAac19 is winding down, last chance to enjoy D.C.

As the conference starts to wind down, the exhibit hall is broken down and all the books are quickly claimed, now might be a good time to get some fresh air in D.C. Hopefully, you have felt some of that wonderful D.C. humidity as you have walked around either to different events or maybe starting to explore… If you have time today, I recommend checking out some real D.C. libraries— I love to check out a real-life library when I go to a new city. We have lots of beautiful, award-winning libraries here in D.C. The closest branch to check out (library pun) is the Shaw Neighborhood Library (1630 7th St NW)— just walk about 15 minutes north on 7th street (convention center on your left). I would recommend stopping at Compass Coffee that you will pass on the way for an iced latte or cold brew. This location is…

ALA Annual 2019

Leadership in ALSC #ALAac19

You can tell the attendees of the Leadership in ALSC meeting are serious about being a part of the organization because it’s only 8:30 am, and we had to take a shuttle to go to the Hilton co-conference location– about a 20-minute ride from the conference center. The bus is packed with conference attendees like we are on a school trip! Hot take– don’t forget to take the conference bus to get around, cabs and Lyfts can get expensive. The room is buzzing with former ALSC Presidents, current and incoming President, and perhaps a future President or two. The small group discussion allows you to get to know some members better as ALSC is a rather large organization. And then the presentation on computational thinking, digital literacy, and family connected learning added a live voting feature which made the room feel alive, as well. It doesn’t hurt that free coffee…