ALA Annual Conference 2023

Getting Work Done with the ALSC Board at #alaac23

Every year at annual conference, the full ALSC Board meets in person to conduct a variety of business. These are open meetings that any member may attend, unless the Board moves into executive session. Today’s meeting was full of discussion and decision items. Curious about what we talked about? Here are some highlights: Sibert 25th Anniversary The Robert F. Sibert Informational Medal will celebrate it’s 25th anniversary in 2026. While that may seem like years away, budget realities mean that we start these discussions early. The Board voted to create a task force that will support celebrations around this award. Diversifying Revenue Streams Task Force Updates Fiscal responsibility is part of the overall health of ALSC as an organization. The Diversifying Revenue Streams Task Force has done much work over the past year. Today, their final report brought recommendations and information to the Board. The Board discussed their findings and…

Blogger Children and Technology Committee

The Digital Tools of an ALSC Virtual Committee

Hello! Manuela Aronofsky and Tina Bartholoma here. We’re the current co-chairs of the ALSC Children and Technology Committee. The ALSC C&T Committee is a virtual committee, so to stay connected and collaborate with members across time zones, we have adopted a handful of favorite digital tools. Today we will share what they are and how we use them for our committee work.

ALA Annual 2016

So you think you want to volunteer for YALSA…

If you think YALSA as opposed to ALA is a softer option for volunteering your professional, think again!  These people are dedicated.  Youth services is a calling and so is throwing your hat in the proverbial ring.  It’s a ring not of doom, but a multi-ring circus, and your committee chair is the ringmaster. But wait!  Don’t walk away yet!  There is hope for the more casual contributor.  And indeed some of the smaller, less time-consuming contributions may in fact lead to bigger and better things.

ALA Midwinter 2016

ALSC helps YOU with advocacy #alamw16

Aside from checking out great new titles, sitting in on book discussions, and listening to speakers, I had the opportunity to meet with the members of my virtual committee who were attending ALAMW too.  Bonus! The ALSC Advocacy & Valuation Task Force is a two year task force focused on advocacy and valuation using outcome/output measurement. One of our most shocking take-aways so far is that many members don’t know about or use the Everyday Advocacy website and newsletters, created specifically to help YOU with advocating for youth services.  Take a few minutes today to check out the important work Jenna Nemec-Loise is doing and participate in her January 5 challenge to set a 2016 advocacy goal for yourself.

ALA Midwinter 2016

ALSC Process & Program Committees May Not Be Glamorous on Monday Morning, but are Super Worthwhile #alamw16

Everyone knows about ALSC committees like Newbery & Caldecott, but there is a galaxy of other committees full of dedicated librarians that make ALSC tick and support us all in our work. Serving on a process committee like Membership, Grants Administration, or Organization and Bylaws provides opportunities to build relationships with other librarians, while also building leadership skills, looking at ALSC: The Big Picture, and guiding how ALSC operates and serves us all. Not all of these groups require attending a conference, there are virtual committees too. These can be really excellent for finding mentors and building a librarian community if you’re feeling isolated. Check out the roster of opportuntities on the ALSC Committees page & fill out your volunteer form today!  Join us!

ALA Midwinter 2015

Doin’ Business at All-Committee #alamw15

In my position at ALSC I work with many of the 60 committees that move ALSC forward. These committees range from the Membership Committee to the Advocacy & Legislation Committee to the Liaisons with National Organizations Committee. Each has its own function and purpose within the organization. Most of these committee came together this morning at the ALSC All-Committee meeting. When people ask me, “what do committees do?” I often point them the All-Committee session. This when committees come face-to-face to talk about the business of the association. They talk what’s happening in their libraries, how to connect with new members, how to best serve our current membership, i.e. the things that drive us as a profession. To do so, each committee reviews the ALSC Strategic Plan and evaluates whether their current/future actions fall within this document. I should also add a big shout-out to our virtual committees who meet…