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To the de Grummond We Will Go

A Road Trip Diary of the Special Collections & Bechtel Committee Our road trip began bright and early at 6:30am on the Friday before ALA Annual in New Orleans…  Four members of the 2017-18 Bechtel Committee met up with Clair Frederick (President of MerryMakers Inc.) and ALSC member Susannah Richards. We set off together for the two-hour trip to Hattiesburg, Mississippi, home of the University of Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles and the de Grummond Children’s Literature Collection. Upon our arrival at McCain Library, we were greeted by ALSC member and Curator of the de Grummond Collection, Ellen Hunter Ruffin. Ruffin introduced us to Jennifer Brannock (Curator of Rare Books and Mississippiana), who welcomed the group and talked about the current exhibit in the Archives’ Reading Room, “Spaced Out”.  We were amazed at the novelty and range of children’s books on display, with the focus on their cover designs. The display…

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Interview with 2017-18 ALSC Spectrum Scholar, Beatrice Canales

An interview with Beatrice Elizabeth Canales, 2017-2018 ALSC Spectrum Scholar What is your current title and what drew you to work in Children’s Services? From 2006 through 2015, I worked at the San Antonio Public Library (SAPL) as a Teen Services Liaison and as an Academic Unit Assistant for the Department of Early Childhood Studies at San Antonio College (SAC). I left SAPL in 2015 to pursue my graduate degree but I continued at SAC Early Childhood Studies. The desire to work in Children’s Services have been part of my landscape since college. In college I was a volunteer tutor at a local elementary school and, as an Independent Study, I created a Children’s Advocacy student group. After college, I worked as a Children’s Advocate at a domestic violence shelter. More recently, after much soul searching, I believe that advocating for multicultural, anti-bias children’s literature starts at Emergent Literacy. How…

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Help! We Are Looking for Live Bloggers to Report on the 2018 ALSC National Institute

In just over one month, the 2018 ALSC National Institute will take place in Cincinnati, Ohio. This year’s theme is All Aboard! Embracing Advocacy & Inclusion. Are you one of the lucky people who managed to get registered for this two and a half day National Institute before it was sold out? The ALSC Blog would love your help!

ALA Annual 2018

New Voices with Fresh Takes #alaac18

This morning I was honored to speak about my passion for diverse storytimes as part of a group of first time national presenters in “Fresh Takes in Youth Services.” It was the scariest 5 minutes of my life but I loved every second of it! This Ignite style program was a great way to introduce new voices in our field and provide conference speaking experience to novices. Each presentation highlighted a very timely and relevant topic to Youth Services such as robotics, leadership, Comic Cons, LGBTQIA advocacy and STEAM partnering. I’m in awe of my co-presenters Jo Schofield, Robin Sofge, Molly Virello, Connor Flan Joel Park and Jamie Naylor! I’m especially thankful to Brooke Newberry and Amy Koester for their mentorship during this process. I really hope ALA continues to host programs like these that provide rookie presenters an opportunity to share their passion on a national stage in an accessible…

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Diversity Jedi

Brick wall busted open

I value conferences most for their amazing conversations–the hallways are essentially a primordial Twitter, with threads going in multiple directions, between friends and strangers, for days.  A great way to spark those conversations, especially for introverts, are intriguing ribbons, and ALSC is always listening for phrases or ideas our members may want to don…for instance, by following popular hashtags. But we realized that the #DiversityJedi ribbons we shared on Twitter last week were not the best way to have this particular conversation.  #DiversityJedi is a more complicated concept than a ribbon can communicate, as commenters swiftly pointed out: “I get the sentiment, but If ALSC truly wants to recognize #diversityjedi work, they would not create a ribbon. They would show it through actions, in programming, publications, & policies. This work is imperative, but ribbons only appropriate and trivialize” @TeachChildLit “This is appropriation. This is hurtful. This is erasure. We named…

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Growth Mindset

I attended the Early Learning with Families development training this May. This meeting focused on two subjects: Elements of Playtime and Growth Mindset. This blog will refer to Growth Mindset. Growth Mindset Think about the term “mindset.” Now, think about the way people perceive themselves in terms of their intelligence, talents, and personal potential. Dr. Carol Dweck compares fixed mindset and growth mindset when assessing the responses people give to a frustrating experience in her book Mindset.  According to Dweck, people with a fixed mindset find it difficult recovering from failure. Moreover, they feel they deserve the poor experience for being foolish or just because life is unfair and there isn’t much they can do to change bad experiences. On the other hand, Dweck reports that people with a growth mindset see failure as an opportunity to learn and try things differently next time. [1] [1]See Dweck (2006) especially the…