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2019 ALSC Election Results

2019 results graphic

On Wednesday April 10, 2019 ALSC announced the 2019 Election results. A huge thank you to all candidates who stood for election and for your active involvement with ALSC. We appreciate your commitment to library service to children! Now, the 2020 Nominating and Leadership Development Committee is seeking nominations from personal ALSC members for another group of amazingly engaged and talented members for the 2020 ballot. The nomination form for the 2020 ballot is now open and will close on April 19! This ballot will be voted on in the spring of 2020. 2019 ALSC Election Results: Vice-President/President-Elect Kirby McCurtis, Multnomah County Library, Portland, Oregon Fiscal Officer Amber Creger, Schaumburg Township District Library, Schaumburg, Illinois “New-to-ALSC” Board Director Maggie Jacobs, New York Public Library, New York, New York Board Director April Mazza, Massachusetts Library System, Natick, Massachusetts Caldecott Committee, 2021 Carmen Lynette Boston, D C Public Library, Washington, DC Edie Ching,…

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All Are Welcome Here: Celebrating Global Diversity and Getting Involved with ALSC

All are welcome here! I’m sure you’ve heard this phrase before. We seem to be using it more and more in an attempt to indicate that our library spaces are inclusive. Some recent children’s books proclaim “all are welcome here,” and feature a mosaic of diverse children and families. There is a song that goes one step further stating, “all are welcome here, as we are.” Lofty goals for any children’s librarian; but do we put those words into action in our services and programs? Do we REALLY mean that everyone is welcome as they are? Do we embrace one type of diversity in the library but overtly (or covertly) shun other types of diversity by using the excuse that X type of diversity cannot be understood by children or Y type of diversity is only in the name of being politically correct? In addition to thinking about welcoming all…

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Kirby McCurtis: 2019-20 ALSC Vice President/President Elect Candidate

In an effort to help ALSC members make an informed decision before they vote, the blog posts this morning and this afternoon consist of interviews with the candidates for ALSC 2019-20 Vice President/President-Elect, Kirby McCurtis and Christine Caputo. Each candidate was given ten questions and submitted written answers. This morning’s interview is with Kirby McCurtis. 1. What do you consider the most important role of the ALSC President? To me, the most important role of the ALSC president is to provide bold vision and leadership. The president must be receptive to the needs of members, library staff, and the children we serve. Leveraging our diversity, and being ever mindful of inclusion, the President should work collaboratively with the Board, Executive Director, and membership to ensure we are working toward the core values, vision statement, and directions as laid out in the Strategic Plan. 2. What skills & strengths would you…

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“E” is for Engagement: How can YOU be engaged in ALSC?

In the past, I’ve mentioned some of the great work that ALSC committees and taskforces are doing – from choosing the next award-winning media to creating toolkits and webinars that help library workers better serve all children to sharing advocacy resources and tips that can help librarians advocate for funding. The work of all our process and media and professional award committees (supported by our amazing ALSC staff) keeps our association moving strategically forward. Activities can be conducted virtually, in-person, or both depending on the specific committee, taskforce, or working group. By participating in association work, ALSC members engage in activities that strengthen both the soft and hard skills that they use daily in their multifaceted jobs as educators, social activists, book enthusiasts, media mentors, literacy experts, outreach specialists, diversity advocates, and/or library staff serving children (which includes the aforementioned “hats” and more!). Engagement in ALSC benefits not only our…

ALA Midwinter 2019

ALA Candidates Forum #alamw19

I always try to attend the ALA Candidates Forum at Midwinter if my schedule allows. Hearing from the candidates in person is a great opportunity to learn about their backgrounds, qualifications, and visions. This afternoon we heard from two candidates for ALA Treasurer, Maggie Farrell and Andrew K. Pace, as well as two candidates for ALA President, Julius C. Jefferson Jr. and Lance M. Werner. They each gave 5 minute statements, followed by an informative Q & A session with audience members. Topics that were mentioned numerous times by all the candidates include the organizational structure of ALA as well as its goals of equity, diversity, and inclusion. The session was taped, so look to YouTube sometime after Midwinter to watch it. And don’t forget to vote in the ALA election, which runs from March 11 – April 3, 2019.

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Voting Day in Your Library: Welcoming All Today and Everyday

It is voting day! What does this mean for libraries? If your library is a polling location, then you will have the opportunity to welcome a diverse group of individuals through your doors. Folks that use the library all the time, those that may have never visited your library, or others who have not darkened the library’s doors in decades. Persons from all walks of life are sure to be in the library today! Do you have any special displays or signage to let everyone know that “All are Welcome Here?” If not, you still have time to promote diversity and inclusivity via informal displays of diverse books. This might be the one opportunity to make the difference in someone’s life – to provide a welcoming smile or friendly gesture to let the know that they belong at the library. If you need suggestions for titles to pull for informal displays,…