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2024 Slate of ALSC Candidates

Dear ALSC Members, today the 2024 Slate of Candidates for ALSC governance positions was posted to our website. First, I would like to thank the co-chairs of the Nominating Committee, Susan Dove Lempke and Elisa Gall, along with the rest of the committee members (Jessica Agudelo, Joanna K. Fabicon, Sophie Kenney, Rachel Godwin Payne, and Susan H. Polos) for their diligence and hard work on behalf of our association. I believe that we have a strong slate of highly qualified candidates who will serve well and with distinction. Immediate Past President Amy Koester, when presenting last year’s slate, noted the challenge of finding members with strong leadership experience who are willing to serve in long-term leadership roles—particularly the role of Vice-President/President-Elect which is for 3 years. After considering a number of potential candidates, Dr. Claudette McLinn was chosen to be on the ballot this year.

ALSC Board

Thank You, Amy!

For my first ALSC Blog post as the new president of our organization, I am pleased to acknowledge the hard work of Immediate Past President Amy Koester. She is truly an exceptional, competent, smart, and generous leader, and I have learned so much this past year serving alongside her as vice president. Amy played a pivotal role in the creation of the 2023–2024 work plan for process committees, shared many templates with me, and created detailed instructions about how to do the work of presidency. Her efforts were supportive of me and, more importantly, of the overall health and well-being of ALSC. She worked diligently—as did many others—on what I believe is an excellent new strategic plan (Introducing the 2023-2026 ALSC Strategic Plan!).

ALA Annual Conference 2023

Lessons Learned from the ALSC Board at #alaac23

Every year as part of the Annual Conference, the ALSC Board hosts an orientation for incoming and current Board members. It’s a chance for Board members to review who ALSC is, why we are here, and how we do our work. Admittedly, it’s a lot of information to digest. At the same time, it’s also an opportunity for each year’s Board to come together and begin building their relationships.