- LibLearnX 2022

Embracing Diversity in Book Evaluation Committees #LibLearnX

Presenters Crystal Chen, Daniella Pagan, and Jessica Agudelo shared a wealth of knowledge in this session titled “Embracing Diversity in Book Evaluation Committes”! Even if you aren’t starting your own committee, I want to share valuable information for any library staff working with children. There’s too much juicy goodness to cover in one blog post, but here are some takeaways:

- LibLearnX 2022

How to Think Like a Library Project Manager

An idea without a plan for execution is just making trouble for somebody else. – paraphrased from #LibLearnX presenter Don’t you love ideas? I sure do. During my first year as a children’s librarian, I wanted to do everything. Outreach, collection, storytimes, technology, you name it…bring it on. Fast forward. It’s the middle of a global pandemic. Staff. Are. Tired. What projects do we take on?

- LibLearnX 2022

ALA President Patty Wong in Conversation with U.S. Senator Mazie K. Hirono #LibLearnX

It’s not every day that the first female Asian-American U.S. Senator and the first Asian American ALA president sit down and talk together! Today’s opening session was a kaleidoscope of thought, feeling, and action. Senator Hirono discussed her new memoir Heart of Fire, the story of her mother’s grit, grace, and resilience. The conversation developed into an intricate discussion of personal and professional values, including diversity, national identity, and using our voice. Here are some key takeaways: Every person has a voice. Use it!  Speaking out can mean small things. Ask deep questions about systems and the world. Books broaden our horizons and expand our thinking. Be anti-racist: diversity makes our country strong. Encounter each other with grace, not divisiveness. ALA President Wong shared pieces of her family story as well. The two women together reflected on art, the state of the world, and then offered a call to action….

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Song & Story Share!

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Wow! This session was a plethora of amazing information. People shared in the chat, in a Google Document, and turned on their camera to share live. Topics included Baby Storytime, Favorite Storytime Books, Rhymes, Flannelboards, Inclusivity, and more! I’ll just share some highlights and links: The Resource Handout from today’s brainstorm is here. ALSC’s Virtual Storytime Services Guide is here. Miss Rose’s Ukulele Storytimes are here. A wonderful ASL (American Sign Language) resource is here. Someone shared an amazing personal Storytime Resources document (can’t find the person’s name- I apologize!). It’s here. Renee Grassi was a superb host! I had to download the transcript so I can look back later for all the great sharing! I could have been there for hours.