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Girl Power! Volunteer Opportunities for Your Local Girl Scouts

At the beginning of this school year, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that our local Girl Scouts wanted to volunteer at our library! Ranging from age 8 to 12, these Girl Scouts were enthusiastic to serve their community by volunteering in the children’s department. I have greatly enjoyed working with this group, as they have showed excitement and pride in the work they have accomplished. Here are some volunteer opportunities that you can provide Girl Scouts and other child volunteers.

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Decorating the Children’s Department

I don’t know about all of you, but I sometimes struggle with decorating the children’s department at my library. The Girl Scouts were excited to decorate the department for different seasons. Between the winter holidays and spring, these girls do not have a shortage of ideas for decorating. They made their own crafts to hang up and even got friends and family to donate decorations to the library!

Monthly Bingo Presented by the Girl Scouts

When the girls stated that they wanted to do their own library program, I aimed to provide them with a low-maintenance, but fun program that inspired them to work as a team. Our Girl Scouts have since presented their own Bingo program for young children every month. Not only is this a fun program for the participating children, but it also gives the Girl Scouts a chance to work on their public speaking skills and promote their troop to local families. In addition, they learn about working as a team; the girls take turns calling the numbers, checking on the boards of the little kids, and giving away prizes. The girls have had so much fun presenting this program!

Early Readers Book Club

At the core of their mission, Girl Scouts aim to work together to serve their communities. This summer, our local Girl Scouts will be helping Kindergartners and First Graders practice their reading and writing skills. They will work with new and struggling readers one-on-one and reward them with prizes for every session they attend. We cannot wait to see how they inspire new readers!

What are your ideas for volunteer opportunities for Girl Scouts?

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  1. Aryssa

    Love these ideas! They could also help prepare Take & Make kits for libraries doing those!

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