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Robbin Friedman: ALSC Fiscal Officer Candidate, 2022-23 Election

In an effort to help ALSC members make an informed decision before they vote, today’s blog posts consist of statements from the two candidates standing for election as the ALSC Fiscal Officer. In this position, there are two candidates: Denise Lyons and Robbin Friedman; one to be elected.

This afternoon we hear from ALSC Fiscal Officer candidate, Robbin Friedman.

Serving as chair of the ALSC Budget Committee during a time of financial upheaval and reorganization for ALA, I have learned (as fast as I could!) more than I ever anticipated about the fiscal landscape of our division and the larger organization. If elected as Fiscal Officer, I would work to share that knowledge, providing members tools to understand our finances and how they operate within ALA. 

I believe we can make our association more transparent and resilient, better prepared to support our libraries and the communities they serve. That includes prioritizing ALSC’s commitment to inclusion, equity and diversity, which we must embed in our budget planning. Building a more equitable organization requires work, time and money and will strengthen ALSC as we move forward. 

Throughout my participation in ALSC, I have been privileged to see how members support and challenge each other. With my time on the Budget Committee, I understand better what it takes for the organization to cultivate that space where we all may grow. I look forward to contributing towards our resilient future, on the ALSC Board or from the membership ranks.

Robbin Friedman (Photo Credit: Mercy Garland)

Check this morning’s post on the ALSC Blog for a statement from Denise Lyons, the other candidate standing for election for this office.

The 2022 ALA Election opens Monday, March 14th and closes April 6th. In addition to determining key leadership positions within ALSC, the ALSC ballot also will include two proposed bylaws amendments for member consideration. To learn more, please visit: and Lucia Gonzalez’s blogpost, Change is in the Air!  Preparing for the 2022 ALA/ALSC Elections. And don’t forget to vote!

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