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Denise Lyons: ALSC Fiscal Officer Candidate, 2022-23 Election

In an effort to help ALSC members make an informed decision before they vote, today’s blog posts consist of statements from the two candidates standing for election as the ALSC Fiscal Officer. In this position, there are two candidates: Robbin Friedman and Denise Lyons; one to be elected.

This morning we hear from ALSC Fiscal Officer candidate, Denise Lyons.

I was nine years old and visiting my aunt, who at the time was the Oregon Youth Services Consultant. We traveled throughout the state doing puppet shows, weeding (yes I did “rescue” a couple of books), and training for public library staff. Twenty-four years later, I enrolled in library school all set for youth services, where that same Aunt was now a Professor. In between, I had a fruitful career in fundraising, special events, and consulting for nonprofit organizations in Chicago. I wanted to take that experience and bring it to libraries, working with the people and literature that I loved so much. Nearly 20 years later, I have worked in youth services and as a youth services state consultant but also served as branch manager, department head, and state Deputy Director. This background of solid administrative, management, and fiscal skills is what I bring to support a strong, sustainable, and successful future for ALSC. I just moved to a new state, settling in near family, and teaching adjunct for the MLIS program at UNCG as well as consulting work. I am excited to begin this opportunity to give back to the ALSC organization and all the libraries that benefit from the work of ALSC and its members.

Denise Lyons (Photo Credit: Ashley Avila)

Check back with the ALSC Blog this afternoon for a statement from Robbin Friedman, the other candidate for this office.

The 2022 ALA Election opens Monday, March 14th and closes April 6th. In addition to determining key leadership positions within ALSC, the ALSC ballot also will include two proposed bylaws amendments for member consideration. To learn more, please visit: and Lucia Gonzalez’s blogpost, Change is in the Air!  Preparing for the 2022 ALA/ALSC Elections. And don’t forget to vote!

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