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Bill Morris Book Evaluation Seminar 2022

For about a year and a half now, just about every communication I’ve gotten has begun with the line, “In these unprecedented times…” It’s just been a never ending loop of adjustments and changes to fit the shape of our new world. But as a wise TikTok sage once said, “I miss precedented times.”

It was in this world of flux that we began planning the 2022 Bill Morris Book Evaluation Seminar. From my experience in the seminar I knew how useful this seminar could be in developing an individual’s book evaluation skills, not to mention the networking and connections that happen from the seminar’s conversations. The Morris Seminar also brings a camaraderie to the group, another invaluable asset.

So, it was with all these valuable components that we began our adventure in planning a virtual Morris Seminar. First, and foremost, we wanted to make sure that this was something that would be worth everyone’s time. We didn’t want to create filler content simply for the sake of taking up hours, especially if those hours were going to be spent on Zoom. Second, we wanted to produce something, if not similar to the in-person workshops of the past, then comparable.

From this we have created what we think is something exciting. We invite you all to spend your February Fridays with us. Rather than spending a whole day on Zoom we thought spreading it out over several weeks would work in everyone’s favor…and I’m a sucker for alliteration. Each session will be approximately two hours with special guests, excellent book discussions with your peers, and all the information on book evaluation you could ever want.

I’m excited for this and I hope you are too. Applications are open through September 30th.

Let’s make these times feel a little more precedented and get back to some of the things we love, even if they still have to be a little different.

Today’s guest blogger is Naphtali Faris. Naphtali is the current co-chair for the 2022 Bill Morris Book Evaluation Seminar. Her day job is as the Lone Jack Branch Manager for Mid-Continent Public Library. She has also worked for the Kansas City Public Library, Missouri State Library, and St. Louis Public Library. Naphtali speaks regularly about youth readers’ advisory, youth services, and early literacy strategies in the region. She has served on the Printz, Newbery, and Caldecott Award committees. Naphtali is currently working on her PhD at Dominican University’s School of Information Studies.

Photo credit: Lacey Crough

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