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Different Location, Same Conference Excitement #ALSC20

Hi friends!! My name is Emily Mroczek (Bayci) and I am very excited to share #alsc20 with you all via the live blog!!

Shout out to the organizing committee to all their hard work! Shout out to all the ALSC staff for transferring to virtual. Special love to ALSC for a scholarship to attend this conference. And hello to everyone!

One of the most important ways to be part of a virtual conference is engage, engage, engage. So #letsdothis.

Personally, I am thrilled to be able to attend this conference #alsc20 from home. As a working mom, it can be very difficult to serve on ALSC committees and attend conferences while fulfilling my other duties. Here’s to hope that this starts a precedent of what great things we CAN accomplish virtually! (Side note my 20 month old son is really enjoying making faces at all the conference presenters)

I thought I would be able to do time management better doing a conference from home, but NOPE! Last night, I still found myself up way past my bedtime last night, getting my edible books creation in right before the deadline- creating my online account and reading everyone’s hello’s in the ALSC Forum. But now, I’m ready! #letsdothis #alsc20

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