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I recently recorded a quick Q&A video with Children & Libraries Journal Editor, Sharon Verbeten. Did you know she has been the CAL journal editor for 18 years?! I did not know that! But one of the other statements she made during our Q&A that really stuck with me was, “We like to share in ALSC,” and now more than ever I have found this to be true.

This has been a time where so many of us have probably felt isolated at different levels, in different ways. For me, it’s been really heartwarming to see ALSC members continuing to share knowledge and offer support to each other in the ways they can. I’d like to highlight some of the ways I’ve seen members “share” with each other during the past few months:

  • Sharing via the ALSC Blog: We’ve had so many posts during the past few months that share self-care practices and program adaptations.
  • Virtual Storytime Services Guide: We had over two dozen library professionals come together to share knowledge and time to develop this incredibly robust resource to share with the larger library community.
  • We Are ALSC Chats: We recognized that there was a great need for simple and informal virtual networking opportunities during this time. We have hosted a total of four chats thus far, three of them on Zoom and one on Twitter just yesterday. They covered topics and questions on self-care, school-age programs, virtual storytimes etc. ALSC’s School-Age Programs and Services Committee has kindly written up notes from their two chats to share with you all and they can be accessed on the ALSC website.
  • ALSC 101: ALSC’s Membership Committee graciously hosted ALSC 101 last weekend. This session included a panel of ALSC members (Tasha Nins, Sierra McKenzie, Anna Taylor, Katie Salo, and Mary Fellows) all who are at different stages of their member journey’s. They shared their time and some of their best ALSC stories with new and prospective members.
  • ALSC’s #LooktoLibraries Initiative: so many people are playing a role in this new campaign, but I’d like to send one shout out to ALSC’s Quicklists Consulting Committee for pulling together a bunch of titles and resources to be included in this project. These resources are being shared with children’s library professionals and the families they support.  

Sharing knowledge, time, and thoughtful/funny/kind words are my favorite things to share and I continue to be grateful to work with and for those who feel the same.

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