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A Novel Idea: One Example of Public and School Library Collaboration

One foundational piece of being a librarian, either in a public library or school setting, is the relationships we develop with our patrons.  In my community of Bend, Oregon, I work in one of the local high schools where we had a long-term substitute teacher who also completed her student teaching here, and was serving on our local public library board.  Through our working relationships, she connected me to the public library’s program supervisor, Liz, who oversees the A Novel Idea project. Liz reached out to me interested in partnering with a high school teacher-librarian to help read and vet the community nominations for A Novel Idea. The hope was that I would read with my high-school-student mentality to make suggestions about student interest in the nominated novels as a way to engage our teen readers. I was honored and thrilled at the opportunity to be part of this team.

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All Together Now 2023 SRP

But It’s Still Winter… Believe it or not, this is my 20th year working – as a paid employee – in Central Florida libraries. If you include volunteering…well…that’d be most of my life. From all I’ve ever experienced, you can never be fully or overly prepared for a season of summer reading programming. As a matter of fact, I am known for ALWAYS having a backup plan for each program, right down to duplicates of mission critical equipment. Sounds like a military operation, doesn’t it? So, yes, it’s January and we are talkin’ All Together Now, our 2023 Summer Reading Program! Nitty Gritty, Nuts and Bolts I always love a tool kit, a place I can have everything in one spot, like a Swiss Army knife. I’m based in Florida, but this seems to have universal appeal: CSLP 2023 Program Resources 2023 Summer Program (and beyond) Resources: Overview of popular…

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The Digital Tools of an ALSC Virtual Committee

Hello! Manuela Aronofsky and Tina Bartholoma here. We’re the current co-chairs of the ALSC Children and Technology Committee. The ALSC C&T Committee is a virtual committee, so to stay connected and collaborate with members across time zones, we have adopted a handful of favorite digital tools. Today we will share what they are and how we use them for our committee work.

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It’s a Beautiful Day in Your Neighborhood: Creating a Serviceable Service Map

It's a Beautiful Day in Your Neighborhood

My system is rethinking, relaunching, and rediscovering what our community and neighborhoods are like right now, and how the library can fit into our local communities. It feels like the perfect time to start this work, as our neighborhoods have been pretty closed off the last couple of years to keep us safe. I warned my staff when our fiscal year started in October, that pretty much all they would hear from me this year is the word: Resetting. And that word is perfect as a launch to reset yourself in the community, and reconnect.