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Happy Birthday, ALSC Blog!

ALSC Blog imageEarlier this month, the ALSC Blog celebrated its 12th birthday. Since 2007, we have been working to fulfill our stated mission “to provide a venue for coverage of time sensitive news in children’s librarianship, current issues in the field, and programs, conferences, initiatives, resources, and activities of interest to ALSC members and those interested in children’s librarianship.” This seems an appropriate time to reflect on some milestones.

While we did not begin keeping detailed & specific analytical information until 2010, we can determine that, since the first post, the ALSC Blog has:

  • Published over 5,000 posts
  • Shared over 7,000 comments to those pieces
  • Observed our readership continue to rise with the total number of page views now exceeding 800,000
  • Watched the number of pageviews grow; through the history of our blog there have been multiple posts which garnered over 10,000 pageviews (The most popular individual blog post was Summer Reading 2019 – Preparing Launch! which was published this year by ALSC blogger, Jonathan Dolce.)
  • Increased from an average of 180 pageviews per day when we first began keeping such stats in 2010, to an average of over 1000 pageviews daily as I write this post
  • Received  Honorable Mention recognition from PRNews in the category of “Best Blog”
  • Remain on Feedspot’s top 50 list of librarian blogs and websites

A very popular element of the ALSC Blog is the Mock Election Results page. This page was initiated in 2015 and since then has shared results of Mock Elections held at various libraries, schools, and book clubs each year. Each year, the Mock Elections page continues to grow in popularity with last year’s Mock Elections page  gathering together over 100 results. We were happy to have the support of YALSA Hub as they crossposted the Mock Elections page. The page also received promotion from a variety of blogs and other support including a mention in the professional journal Publishers Weekly. We hope to continue this page with 2020 Mock Election results, opening the 2020 results page in November.

All of the above elements would not have been possible without the committed support of our team of regular ALSC Bloggers, both past and current, as well as the guest contributors who wrote nearly 800 unique posts. We continue to encourage children’s librarians who are interested in sharing their relevant information with the ALSC community to read over the guest blogger guidelines and contact the ALSC Blog manager at about their interest in writing on pertinent topics.

Tremendous thanks go to the ALSC Staff and leadership, both past and present.  Let me call out a few people specifically…

In the past, for their vision and belief in the blog at its launch and through the early years

  • Diane Foote, the ALSC Executive Director at the birth of the blog
  • Teresa Walls, the first ALSC Blog manager
  • Dan Bostrom, the initial ALSC staff liaison
  • past ALSC Boards and leadership

As we move into our teenage years, tremendous thanks are offered to the following for their continued belief and support of the blog as a communication vehicle, without whom continued growth and success would not be possible.

  • ALSC’s current Executive Director,  Aimee Strittmatter
  • Elizabeth Serrano, the current staff liaison to the ALSC Blog.
  • The ongoing leadership of ALSC, including President Cecilia McGowan and the ALSC Board of Directors

When I reached out to Teresa Walls, the first ALSC Blog manager in 2007, she said  “The ALSC Blog was and has been a great way for me to stay connected to others who value library service for children.”  It is my sincere wish that this connection continues and is enhanced as we enter our teenage years.

Lastly, thank you, reader, for your continued support! Looking to the future, we hope to continue to offer a wide variety of vibrant posts related to children’s librarianship, and we hope YOU continue to read, think about, share, and comment on these posts in an active exchange of ideas.

Mary R. Voors
ALSC Blog manager


  1. Roxie Munro

    Love this blog! Always find fascinating and up-to-date cutting edge information as well as classic content on all sorts of things, in addition to “meeting” some great librarians. Happy to have contributed. Keep up the great work.

    1. Mary Voors Post author

      Thank you, Roxie.

  2. Katherine

    Thank you so much for your hard work on this blog, Mary! I can’t imagine all of the time and preparation it takes to keep this thing running. We see you and appreciate you!

    1. Mary Voors Post author

      Thank you. This means so much to me.

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