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An Ode to ALSC Membership Committee

I finished my first term on an ALSC Committee- the membership committee!

I had a two-year term from June 2017 to June 2019. During this time, I attended conferences in Denver, New Orleans, Seattle and Washington D.C. I was not able to spend as much time focusing on membership as I would of liked because during my committee term, I got married, had a baby and served on the Newbery Committee. However it IS an amazing committee and I think vastly underrated.

The membership committee are the people who send you welcoming postcards when you join ALSC, host dinners at conferences so you don’t feel alone, plan ALSC 101 and make sure the ALSC booth is staffed. They are friendly and fun people who work their hardest to make members feel welcome and appreciated in ALSC.

I enjoyed getting to know my committee members better and getting to know the inner workings of ALSC better (though there are so many inner workings it may be impossible to know them all). So much focus is on how the Newbery committee affected me and what I learned, but I wish there was more light shone on membership!

Here are my five top takeaways from my term on the membership committee:

  1. The ALSC Staff is AMAZING. Elizabeth was our staff liaison and seeing the amount of time and energy her and the entire ALSC staff puts into this organization is phenomenal. Serious hats off to them!
  2. There’s more to ALSC membership than being on committees. The connections you can make in the organization are phenomenal. I met my mentor through the ALSC mentorship program and she has become a mentor for librarianship/ life/ motherhood and so much more!
  3. PARTICIPATE. Go to dinners, take part in a Twitter chat, listen to online webinars. The best way to become more involved in ALSC? Involve yourself!
  4. There are so many hidden perks ALSC has to offer, don’t hesitate to dive into the wormhole of the website, the blog, reach out to past members and apply for scholarships, conferences, anything and everything. We are so fortunate to have these resources/ booklists/ white papers etc. etc.
  5. Process committees are the backbone of the organization and can help you gain many skills for leadership that you may not experience in your day job!

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