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What is the poem about?

Illustrations and poetry encourage imagination, engaging children to experience each creation.

At school visits, before and after reading a poem aloud, I share information about the poet and illustrator.  This year, I also focused on the title of each poem.  For example, when introducing Pencil Plunge by Laura Purdie Salas, I asked, “What is the poem about?” A few of my favorite answers:  It’s a pencil doing the polar bear plunge!  It’s a pencil plunging into a toilet and then turning into an actual plunger.

My appreciation for poetry and art started with an amazing poetry book edited by Jan Greenberg, Heart to Heart: New Poems Inspired by Twentieth-Century American Art.  It’s a wonderful combination of poems matched with famous artists. Think of all the fabulous art questions! What do you see?  What would you draw?  What colors would you use?

A list of favorite children’s poetry book illustrators:

Nina Crews:

Douglas Florian

Ekua Holmes:

Mercè López:  

Holly Meade:

Jon J Muth:

Christopher Myers:

Julie Paschkis:

Chris Raschka:

Explore my list of new children’s poetry books with amazing illustrations.

How are you incorporating illustrations in your poetry programs? Please share in the comments below.

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