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how to write a blog post for librarians:

You might wonder how to write a blog post. Staring at the blank page (or screen) can be daunting. Writer’s block is a real thing, after all. And librarians, aren’t they all about shushing and stuff? Hard to please, cardigan wearing, and could I even? Well, it’s easier than your scary brain might be thinking right now. “Get comfortable in your wheelie chair and I’ll take you on a trip. A trolley trip, actually,” you write.

Author Spotlight

An Interview with Author Richard Torrey

Author and illustrator Richard Torrey shares his thoughts on the role of libraries and his process creating Ally-Saurus & the Very Bossy Monster. How would you describe your book ALLY-SAURUS & the Very Bossy Monster to children’s librarians sharing this book with young readers? Like the first book (ALLY-SAURUS & the First Day of School), it’s primarily a celebration of the incredible resilience and flexibility of children’s imagination. In this story, Ally-saurus and her friends are having a wonderful time playing pretend, each in their own way. But everything changes when the bossy new neighbor, Maddie, shows up. Maddie insists they play what she wants to play-and according to her rules. When she finally goes too far, Ally-saurus ROARS into action, helping Maddie understand that bossiness is no fun at all. What inspired you to tackle the issue of bossiness in this book? I never intentionally set out to tackle specific issues when…