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The Librarian: There and Back Again #PLA2018

One could easily forget its the first full day of spring in the northern hemisphere, though Pennsylvania resident Punxsutawney Phil did a warn us of six more weeks of winter back in February. Many attendees at this year’s PLA conference in Philadelphia had plans for Wednesday change as the Nor’easter rolled in, cancelling flights, and closing museums and libraries. Nevertheless hundreds who were able to make it into town braved the snow for Sally Yates’ opening keynote and the exhibit opening reception. Here are some snowy scenes from my walk to the convention center early this afternoon.



Starbucks closed at noon due to weather.
Reading Terminal Market, across from convention center, also closed.
At least one brave food cart still open though!
My mascara was not a fan of the snow apparently.
But we made it!
Imagine the possibilities at #PLA2018


  1. Norma Broten

    Loved the photos!

  2. lynn albers

    Great architecture & natl heritage. Thanks!

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