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Live Blogging from #PLA2018

The 2018 Public Library Association meetings begin today. Are you #alscleftbehind and unable to make it to Philadelphia? Are you wondering how you can keep up with all that’s going on? We’ve got you covered! Check the ALSC Blog for photos and information about what’s going on at PLA. You can also check in on Twitter; just track the hashtag #PLA2018.

Eleven bloggers have committed to offering short, frequent posts throughout the conference. They are:

  • Amy Reyes
  • Elisabeth Marrocolla
  • Elizabeth Serrano
  • Erin Douglass
  • Jennifer Ryder
  • Kaelyn Christian
  • Kris Hickey
  • Marisa Glaviano
  • Meg Beade
  • Teresa Walls
  • Tracee Yawger

Let me be the first to thank this wonderful group of volunteers!

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