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2018-19 ALSC Board of Directors Candidates

In an effort to help ALSC members make an informed decision before they vote, this morning’s blog post consists of statements from the six candidates standing for election to the ALSC Board of Directors.

Head shot of Africa HandsAfrica Hands

For the past 11 years I have considered ALSC my division home within ALA. Participation on ALSC committees has allowed me to stay abreast of children services and resources, while working in a non-library setting. I’ve held several leadership positions on ALSC committees, attended the 2017 National Library Legislative Day on behalf of the Advocacy and Legislation Committee, and served as a referee for Children and Libraries. My experiences with ALSC and dedication to our discipline will inform my service as a board member. I bring to the board governance experience from serving on the board of a non-profit healthcare organization and related experience in my role as board liaison in my work setting. If elected, I look forward to working collaboratively with colleagues to implement the strategic plan, which encompasses some of the same areas I’ve worked on in committees. I also look forward to gaining an operational understanding of the organization.

Head shot of Annisha JeffriesAnnisha Jeffries

I believe that my accomplishments are due in large part to my positive attitude, eternal optimism, and belief that a new chapter in Librarianship is currently in process.

The Cleveland Public Library has embarked on a new strategic plan designed to strengthen its role as a community deficit fighter. My ability to build strong collaborative partnerships with public and private schools, social service organizations, the business community, and other entities have helped the Library implement new programs and services. I am committed to ensuring that children of all ages and backgrounds throughout our service area receive the individual attention they need to succeed, academically, socially, and emotionally.

If elected on the ALSC Board, I know that I would bring a wealth of ideas and experience to share eagerly and openly.

Head shot of Christine ScheperChristine Scheper

When I started as a children’s librarian trainee, I wasn’t sure I wanted to devote my career to serving children. One day into the job changed that. Eleven years later, I still have a passion for and a commitment to serving children and libraries.

If I were to have the privilege of serving on the ALSC board, I would bring with me the knowledge and perspective gained serving a large and diverse population as well as a solid understating of how ALSC works gained from serving on a variety of committees—from Membership to Organization & Bylaws.

ALSC is amazing because of its members’ ability to look toward the future. It’s exciting to watch us grow as we face new challenges in the world and the profession. I have a willingness to engage in frank and respectful discussion of where we are as an organization and where we’re headed.

Elisa Gall

Having served as both a school and public librarian, I’ve had training and practice using an equity lens to examine policies and inform decision-making. I’m committed to increasing cultural competence and stamina, both personally and professionally, as ALSC continues the work mapped out in our strategic plan. I bring a collaborative spirit to everything I do, because I believe our work is stronger the more angles of an issue we reflect upon, questions we ask, and voices we hear—especially voices from underrepresented and marginalized experiences. I’m always willing to pitch in no matter the task, and I’ve found success in brainstorming creative solutions to problems and engaging in difficult conversations. I can often find a way to smile through challenges, and this optimism keeps me motivated and focused to work with our communities, each other, and the children we serve to build a positive future together through libraries.

Headshot of Joanna FabiconJoanna Fabicon

My ALSC membership and committee assignments taught me that to remain an inclusive and dynamic organization, we will always need to effectively respond to and navigate change. I happily welcome this sort of challenge, being both equipped and energized to do so from the experience of working with diverse groups of librarians, educators, families, and stakeholders throughout Los Angeles, California, and the country. If elected to the ALSC Board, I look forward to contributing my commitment of not just supporting the best practices for our profession, but developing the best advocates for the values we hold and the services that we provide.

Head shot of Sujei LugoSujei Lugo

I’m a proud member of ALSC, their initiatives, programs, & recent explicit efforts to move towards a more inclusive organization. Over the past few years I’ve been involved in leadership roles with REFORMA & grassroots groups & would like to continue bringing my experience & perspective to ALSC as a Board of Directors member. The Board makes valuable decisions that impacts our work, our children, & along with our membership, it’s was steer our organization. Advocacy stands at the heart of our profession, & there’s a need of fresh voices to move the organization towards an equitable one. I want to work with members, potential members, working groups such as the Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion within ALSC Implementation Task Force to encourage & make sure voices are represented, heard, & understood. Increasing the membership & participation of underrepresented groups & expanding opportunities within ALSC is at the core of the 2017-2020 Strategic Plan, & transforming those words into action is my priority.

The ALA Website states that the 2017 elections will open on March 12 and close on April 4; eligible members will be sent their voting credentials via email between March 12-14, 2018. To be eligible to vote, individuals must be members in good standing of ALA as well as applicable divisions and round tables as of January 31, 2018.

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