Book Displays – Social Media and Physical Space

Early reader display

How is your Collection’s Performance Review so far? Do any of your collections need to be enhanced? Or is one of your collections performing below expectancy?

Here are some ideas to stimulate the circulation of those collections that need assistance.

  1. Book Selfies show your creativity and heighten individual titles beautifully. Here I used a photo editor app, BeFunky, to add effects and text in the background.  Adding brief information provides useful text and captures the patron’s attention. Book selfies make fine Instagram posts.Instagram screen shot of book selfie
  2. Instagram provides a strong visual social media platform that will supplement your collection display. As in your physical display, creativity plays a pivotal role in your advertisement. Props and image editor tools will become your best allies to create an eye catching post. Keep text to a minimum here, as Instagram works best when the images alone convey the topic.Instagram screenshot with embedded words in image
  3. Facebook videos offer another social media platform to invigorate your collection. This slide show uses a mural painting background to promote outer space related books during the 2017 solar eclipse. People viewing your post can easily scroll through each image following the theme you’ve set up based on the front image of the book and the background image behind it.
  4. Electronic Banners will add an artistic feeling into your physical display combining the digital experience with the physical domain. An Electronic banner’s generous size not only improves your physical displays, but also reaches a vast number of people who are walking around who might not notice the other displays.Electronic banner advertising books
  5. Bookmarks connect you with your patrons in the physical space. They are splendid to highlight individual collections, school curriculum, and book levels. If your library system does not have a staff in charge of graphics, you can use a free graphic design tool website. I used Canva.com to create this bookmark. Once again I included concise, but valuable text.
  6. Posters provide substantial space to advertise. Current trends on advertisement focuses on the graphics instead of text, enabling patrons to make their own inferences on what they see. A poster can be thematic or unrestricted. This example focused on informational books and book level for primary grade students. An unrestrictive design might inform patrons on the variety of collections found at your library. Regardless, image quality plays an important role. Selecting the proper size of image will guaranty better image resolution for your poster.Poster designed to promote books
  7. Props will capture children’s attention, even if at first their eye gravitates toward the prop and not the book. These displays do not require text, but emphasize utilizing colored backgrounds and other physical elements that are placed adjacent to the books.
  8. Book Wrapping utilizes a few materials, some imagination, and the perfect set up to captivate your patrons. Even though these are not presents, the idea of a gift will charm even the most reluctant patron. This kind of physical display offers quantifiable and quick response in circulation.Book Wrapping display
  9. Shelf Displays are classic display methods, but dearly useful nonetheless. Shelf units allow you to publicize whole series or individual titles using your book shelves. In addition, stacking – successful bookstore style- adds a visual texture and creative variation to your display.Book displays using traditional shelving units

In order to make your display relevant to your Annual Report and your Collection Performance Review, rely on your web base collection statistic tool to be acquainted with your different collections’ circulation numbers. Some collections might be doing very well while others are struggling. These statistics tools will not only help you decide what to advertise, but also give you a parameter to compare results after you have advertised.

In summary, promoting your collections might be time consuming, but it is incredibly worthwhile. If you feel creative, play around with your photo editor app, your graphic design tools, and your props to create any type of book display that would suit your community while stimulating your circulation numbers.

(All images courtesy of Kathia Ibacache)


Kathia Ibacache, is a Youth Services Librarian at Simi Valley Public Library. She has worked as a music teacher and Early Music Performer, and earned her MLIS from San José State University and a DMA from the University of Southern California. She loves to read realistic fiction and horror stories, and has a special place in her heart for film music.

Please note that as a guest post, the views expressed here do not represent the official position of ALA or ALSC.

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