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Chime in on the ALSC Wikipedia Page Update

Since you are reading this post, chances are you are familiar with ALSC initiatives, professional tools, and latest announcements. It’s also likely that, as a librarian, educator, or library student, you’re accustomed to learning about a topic without having to rely exclusively on Wikipedia. Whether you’re an ALSC member or not, you have come to participate in a national conversation about children and libraries. Which is why you are being surveyed for your feedback!

We’re updating our website and Wikipedia page and want help from ALSC members and ALSC Blog readers in determining which content needs to rise to the top so that the general public can learn about us and see our value. What unique role does ALSC fulfill, and where have the biggest impacts been made?

Is it the opportunities in resource and work sharing, or the curated book lists and Great Websites for Kids? Have you connected to a mentor who shared lessons learned over years of experience? Are there other skills that you developed via ALSC publicationsconferenceswebinars, and volunteer opportunities? One can make an impact through collaborating on a shared goal, especially starting with the local community. Not only does ALSC advocate for its members, but it starts the discussion in the news and trending topics that impact our industry. We’d love to hear your thoughts on what’s most important to include when general providing information on ALSC, so please fill out the survey below, and be sure to share it with your colleagues! (If you don’t see the survey below, click here to access it.)


If you’ve got additional ideas, questions, or concerns about this project, please direct them to Amy Koester, the chair of the Public Awareness Committee (email her at

Thank you for your help!

Christine Dengel Baum is a content strategist in Atlanta, GA, and is writing this post for the Public Awareness Committee. You can get in touch with her at

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