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LEGO Minecraft!

Various Minecraft creations
Various Minecraft creations: TNT, Creeper, Cake, and Minecraft Lettering

You don’t need a server to enjoy Minecraft programming at your library! I purchased Minecraft for the PC years ago and with its recent resurgence, I thought, what would make a better tween LEGO club theme than a video game where the focus is on creating a whole world with blocks? A few of my vintage video game LEGO themes have been a wee bit obscure for this generation, but most tweens today are familiar with Minecraft and thus the program was even more popular than I anticipated. Parents later stopped by to “thank” me for getting their children so interested in Minecraft.

Our LEGO club is intended for ages 8 and up, but we always have some DUPLO blocks at the ready, just in case younger children wander into the room. Usually, I break out our basic blocks (arranged by color), assemble a few prototypes for inspiration, and let the kids go where ever their imaginations take them. I find when I don’t present examples, some of the children feel a bit lost and don’t know where to begin, so the prototypes are definitely helpful. Our LEGO club turns 3 this summer, so we must be doing something right! It’s an extremely sustainable program with a sizable upfront cost; however, it requires very little cash in the long run, unlike craft supplies that always have to be replenished. Here are a few other LEGO themes we’ve done over the years:

Kate Eckert, a member of the School Age Programs & Services Committee, is a Children’s Librarian at the Free Library of Philadelphia. She tweets @8bitstate, pins LEGO ideas on Pinterest, and blogs about a whole host of library topics at  8-bit State.

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  1. Brickroad

    Minecraft is basically the game LEGO should have made way before!

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