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Networking for Children’s Librarians

Image from Sarah Houghton, who knows how to network like nobody’s business.

I’ve been working on incorporating more singable stories to sing into my storytimes. So where did I go first for recommendations of books to use? The ALSC and PUBYAC listservs, of course! (I got over 50 responses to that particular query and have yet to have time to collate and post the list!)

When I see a great article that I think will be relevant to others working with children and technology, I’ll often tweet it (which will then post to my professional facebook page). If I have a question or comment of a slightly wordier/more personal nature, I’ll post it on my personal wall and tag anyone who might have something to say. If I need recommendations for good book apps, I’ll look at some of my colleagues’ Pinterest pages, and I post my own work regularly on my own WordPress blog.

Slideshare offers peeks at other’s presentations, and Spotify often informs me of other people’s storytime play lists. Conferences and leadership events are full of face-to-face connections and networking opportunities, and every time I lead or attend a workshop I come away with new ideas and inspirations (sometimes entirely unrelated to the content in the workshop).

Children’s librarians are a prone-to-sharing bunch (usually in the very best way) and as I list all these avenues for collaboration I marvel at the ways in which we can share ideas and inspiration with each other.

What’s your favourite way to network/share/collborate with your colleagues?


  1. Michelle Frost

    I also use a a professional facebook page to share tidbits of LIS information. It’s a companion to my WordPress blog. I also use twitter (still trying to find my place there), and pinterest (love to use pins for various reader’s advisory boards). I have a tumblr which I rarely use… but since it is the hot thing right now, I thought I should make a presence. I feel like I am all over the web on all the major social networks, yet even with all of this connectivity, I still feel alone. I’d love to be more interactive with other librarians, but it seems really one-sided at the moment.

  2. Amy

    I’m a very visual person, so Pinterest has become my favorite resource for ideas. Though I like my listservs too – they are esp. great for helping find read alikes and locating obscure titles from long forgotten books. (The “I read this book when I was a kid and it had a pink octopus that wore ballet slippers, but I don’t remember the title” patrons).

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