Children's Literature (all forms)

#ALSC12 Graphically speaking

Erin Reilly-Sanders
Erin Reilly-Sanders created a strong argument for applying what we know about picturebooks to understanding graphic novels, since they are both sequential art.  She also shared the term “graphica,” which can be used instead of  “graphic novel” to clarify that graphic novels are not always novels, but this is a format.  Applying the concepts about comics/graphic novels from Scott McCloud, Gene Yang, and others, we were treated to discussions with hands-on samplings of how the art works in picturebooks such as Olivia, and graphic novels such as A.L.I.E.E.E.N.  Of course I anticipated that her presentation would be terrific, because I knew Erin as a student at my institution, Miami University, when she immersed herself in the study of architecture and also children’s literature– a unique melding of structure and form that shows in Erin’s in-depth perspectives.  ~Brenda Dales

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