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#ALSC12 Shake Shimmy and Dace: Using Music with Preschoolers

Playing Rhythm Sticks!
Librarians play the rhythm sticks to Mahna Mahna!

Kate Schiavi of Louiseville Free Public LIbrary packed so much great info (and so much fun!) into this program! We learned a bit about music theory and “musicality” development in early childhood, the link between music and literacy, and how music supports multiple intelligences. Kate shared something that should motivate us all to include music in our children’s programs: research shows that “if musicality is not nurtured, it begins to diminish around the ages of 5-9, and music listening becomes passive. Some studies show it begins to decline as early as 24months as many parents begin to sing less to their children.” What a loss for children, to lose the music that’s born into their souls!

Next we learned ways to build music into our programs, from how to choose great books that lend themselves to music, to great artists and songs to try, to awesome props and activities and instruments (I am soooo going right home to make a bunch of “rainbow bands!”). Of course we were all hopping up out of our seats to dance, clap, stomp, and sing along. What fun!

See the video of librarians dancing with the Rainbow Band!

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