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A Sample Program for Mother Goose and More

In a post earlier today, I offered tips about offering an infant/toddler  musical storytime program for groups of up to 150 people. Here is a sample program:

Mother Goose & More Sample Program*

Hello Song:

Hello Everybody (tune from the CD: Sally & Erika, Here Comes Mr. Bear!)

Rhyme w/ puppet:

Old Mother Goose when she wanted to wander…(tune: variation of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star)  puppet: Mother Goose

Song w/ puppets:

When Cows get up in the Morning (Sunseri, Baby-O!: When Ducks Get Up in the Morning)  puppets: cow, duck and, today’s surprise, monkey!


Itsy Bitsy Spider  -1st and 3rd verses use traditional lyrics. 2nd verse: “The itsy bitsy spider met a baby bug.  ‘Hi’ said the spider and gave the bug a hug.  ‘Ugh!’ said the bug, your hug is much too tight.  I’m sorry said the spider, I meant to be polite!”  from the picture book Eensy Weensy Spider by Hoberman

Lapjogs w/ teddy bear:

  • Itty Bitty Bug (from Sunseri, Grasshoppers 3) -introduce w/ ladybug puppet
  • You Ought to See my Baby (from Sunseri, Baby-O)
  • Acka Backa Soda Cracker (from Sunseri, Baby-O!)

Flannel Board:

Pop Goes the Weasel -introduce w/ weasel & monkey puppets

Shaker Song:

No More Monkeys —introduce with monkey puppet (Asheba, Putumayo Kids Presents: Animal Playground)


The Wheels on the Bus, Cabrera  -encourage gestures while singing

Lapjogs w/ teddy bear:    

  • A Smooth Road to London Town`(from Reid-Naiman, A Smooth Road to London Town)
  • The Elevator Song (from Sunseri, Baby-O!)


Ten Little Fingers, Kubler   -encourage gestures while singing (tune from Reid-Naiman, More Tickles and Tunes)

Shaker Song:      

Upside Down Johnson, Sing-a-Longs and Lullabies for the film Curious George

Goodbye Song:       

“Goodbye girls, goodbye boys, goodbye grownups, we’re glad you came today!  Bring home books, bring home music, enjoy them together, we’ll see you here next time!” (tune: Goodnight Ladies)

*all songs are sung a cappella, except Shaker Songs, which are recorded music we dance to with shakers

Our guest blogger today is Sharon McClintock. Sharon is a Children’s Librarian at the City of Mountain View Public Library in Mountain View, CA. Sharon can be reached at sharon.mcclintock@mountainview.gov

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  1. Rachel

    Thanks for this post. I regularly lead storytime for audiences of over 100 babies and toddlers, so this is really helpful. I have a question about the shakers — how do you facilitate handing those out to the crowd and collecting them?

    1. Sharon McClintock


      We have a box with the shakers in them and I hand them out as the families come through the door. It’s a nice opportunity to greet everyone individually. When the program is over they drop the shaker back in the box on the way out.

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  3. Joanna Ward

    Thank you! This is wonderful information that I will definitely use.

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