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Participate in ALSC’s Strategic Focus Discussion

ALSC is looking for feedback about the recently approved 2012-2017 ALSC Strategic Focus Plan. More specifically, ALSC wants suggestions on where to focus the association’s energy in the next few years.

The discussion is taking place right now on ALA Connect. This forum is supplemental to the conversation that took place in-person at the 2011 ALA Annual Conference in New Orleans.

To help facilitate the conversation, ALSC President Mary Fellows has outlined three questions for members to address:

1. When you think about the work of ALSC, how would you define it outside of the description of any particular age group?

2. Looking at ages 12, 13, and 14, what do we believe we bring to the children in those age ranges? How does ALSC support the work in those age ranges?

3. Looking at the 2012-2017 ALSC Strategic Plan goal areas, Advocacy, Education, and Access to Library Services, what might be some actions ALSC member leaders, committees, and staff could take in the coming year to further the goals and related objectives?

Please take a look at the conversation on ALA Connect and submit your thoughts and ideas! To participate, log on to ALA Connect and visit Thanks again for playing your part in ALSC’s future!

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