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Perhaps you have recorded a book talk, a book trailer, or a program at the library on your new video camera. Now what are you going to do so that you can share the video with the schools, patrons, or put it up on the library website or social networking site? Head on over to! is a free online video editor. You can simply upload your recorded videos, splice them together, and add music and/or text to create your library’s all time “Best Video Ever!” To take advantage of all that has to offer, you must register for an account [located at the top right of the screen].

Once you have created an account and logged in, click the “Create Movie” tab and choose your preferred language [by picking one of the country flags].

Now you are where your video editing skills will come to life. For a brief overview of how the program works, click on the help “?” and watch the “getting started” tutorial video. This will give you an idea of how multiple videos can be used, music added, and titles created.

Upload your files by clicking on the “add media” icon [located next to the help question mark]. Browse for items and select them. (Note: there is a file size limit.) Video clips will be filed under the “video” tab, pictures under the “images” tab, and music or sound recordings under the “audio” tab. Click on a media item and drag it to the “Video A,” “Video B,” or “music” sections of the movie board below. You can add text and transitions the same way.

Once your video is put together, preview your movie by clicking on the play button below the mini video screen on the right. Keep tweaking until you have everything just right.

You can then share your movie to youtube, facebook, etc. by clicking on the “publish/download” text at the bottom of the movie and following the directions. Enjoy sharing your videos!


Every month, the ALSC Blog will feature a post from ALSC’s Children and Technology Committee featuring tools that help librarians connect and engage with their users.

Our guest blogger today is Joella Peterson, a Youth Services Librarian at the Tumwater Timberland Regional Library, and a member of the ALSC Children and Technology committee.

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  1. Shelf-employed

    Oooh! This looks great! I often make video booktalks, but haven’t tried Jaycut. Can’t wait to try it out. Thanks.

  2. Joella Peterson

    Wonderful! I’m so glad you are going to try it! I hope you love it as much as I do.

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