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Program Data Collection: A Quick Guide

Last month, I wrote about documenting successful programs. While those details are important, they aren’t the only factor in a program’s ongoing success. Today, I’m exploring program data collection. Gut feelings are important, but we also need objective evaluation methods. Whether you’re looking to convince your administration, a Friends group, or a funding source, data is important. Let’s explore the tools I use with Family Place.

Blogger Maria Trivisonno


‘Tis the season that many of our young patrons open gifts…including lots of toys. So, when brainstorming for a topic, the importance of “play” seemed appropriate. I have always loved PLAY. One of my earliest memories is walking around the corner Christmas morning when I was three years old and seeing the 1980s version of the Barbie Dream House. I played with that for 9 years. My dolls had three generations of storylines that I played and edited (in the hopes of reaching perfection) time and time again. To this day, my best friend claims that I am the one having the most fun when I play with her kids. However, my interactions with caregivers and children at the library show that love of play is certainly not universal.  For example, I had a long conversation with a child care provider who lamented that when she brings her charges to a…