Blogger Elizabeth Serrano

Libraries Abroad #PLA2018 #ALSCtour

At the PLA Conference I had the chance to attend a session called “Library Road Trips: Building Relationships with Libraries Abroad” and it was fun to hear the presenter talk about libraries in another countries (Cynthia spoke mostly about European countries). When I first started with ALSC it was exciting to learn that, in addition to our amazing members in the United States, we have a nice handful of international members! Most of our international members are from Canada, but we do have members in other parts of the world and I wanted to share some of these places here: Australia Greece Singapore Thailand Germany Saudi Arabia and more! At this session during PLA, the presenter explained some fun facts about these other libraries she visited and how they’re similar and different to what we might be used to. For example, she stated that many are facing similar challenges we’re…

Blogger Nina Lindsay

Doing it All: “Small”

I’ve always lived and worked in urban spaces. While nearly 81% of the US population live in urban areas according to the 2010 census, my visit to the Association for Rural and Small Libraries conference in St. George UT in September made it clear how myopic it is exclude rural perspectives “by default” from professional conversations. I’ve since been thinking about how ALSC might better serve colleagues in rural communities, and all of us, by centering aspects of our work from a “small library” perspective, keeping in mind particular challenges that many of us work with: