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Bookapalooza Shelves

On March 13th 2019, ALSC announced the three winners of the 2019 Bookapalooza Program; McNary Community Library of McNary, Arizona; Jaffrey Public Library of Jaffrey, New Hampshire; and Lawrence County Public Library of Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. These three libraries will receive books,and audiobooks published for children birth through fourteen. Each year, the ALSC office receives nearly 3,000 newly published materials from children’s trade publishers. These materials are submitted for consideration by the ALSC award and media evaluation selection committees. By the end of each year, our shelves are filled to the last inch! It’s really exciting to watch the shelves fill up throughout the year. ALSC staff had the tiring, but fun, task of organizing, dividing, and packing these thousands of materials to be sent to our Bookapalooza winners. This year, due to the awards coordinator vacancy, staff pitched in and completed packing over the course  of a few weeks. Staff…

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Apply for the Bookapalooza Program by 2/1

Apply for the 2017 Bookapalooza Program

Every year, the ALSC office receives almost 3,000 newly published books, videos, audio books, and recordings from children’s trade publishers. The materials are primarily for children age birth through fourteen and are submitted to ALSC award and media evaluation selection committees for award and notables consideration. After each ALA Midwinter Meeting in January, these materials (published in the preceding year) need to be removed from the ALSC office to make room for a new year of publications.

Awards & Scholarships

Two ALSC Professional Award Applications Now Open

Every year, more than $100,000 is given away through ALSC’s professional awards, grants, and scholarships. Deserving libraries and members across the country receive support to attend conferences, host programs, and get recognized for their achievements. ALSC announces that two professional award applications have already opened. More information on these awards can be found below: Louise Seaman Bechtel Fellowship This fellowship provides a $4,000 stipend to allow a qualified children’s librarian to spend a month or more reading at the University of Florida’s Baldwin Library of Historical Children’s Literature, which contains a special collection of 85,000 volumes of children’s literature published mostly before 1950. Applications due November 1, 2016. Apply now! ALSC Distinguished Service Award This award honors an individual member who has made significant contributions to and an impact on, library services to children and ALSC. The recipient receives $2,000 and an engraved pin at the ALSC Membership Meeting during…

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Final Week to Apply for Three ALSC Professional Awards

November 1 is a significant deadline for three ALSC professional awards. Fall is professional award season for ALSC. Every year, more than $100,000 is given away through ALSC’s professional awards, grants, and scholarships. These funds are awarded to deserving individuals and libraries across the country. Submit your application or nomination for one of these great awards soon: Applications open! Louise Seaman Bechtel Fellowship – Due Nov. 1, 2015 ALSC Baker & Taylor Summer Reading Grant – Due Nov. 1, 2015 The Maureen Hayes Author/Illustrator Award – Due Nov. 1, 2015 ALSC Distinguished Service Award – Due Dec. 1, 2015 Light the Way: Library Outreach to the Underserved Grant – Due Dec. 1, 2015 Opening soon! Bookapalooza

Awards & Scholarships

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Apply for An ALSC Professional Award

It’s ALSC professional award season and our goal this year is to see you apply for one of these great grants and scholarships. To help you understand why, we’ve prepared a list of the top ten reasons why you should apply for award or grant this fall! 1. Programs are expense ALSC has a bunch of great grants that will help cover the cost of materials, speakers fees, and other assorted costs. 2. Your boss will love it Nothing says, go-getter like going and getting a grant or award. Especially for early-career professionals! Go get ’em! 3. Your community will love it Awards and grants are great public relations fodder. When you win, you can share the news with your local newspaper. Brag a little! 4. A gateway to becoming more involved ALSC professional award winners are in a special community among themselves. Winning an award with ALSC shows that…