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Let’s Celebrate Pride with a Good Book (or 20)

June is pride month! In celebration, we have created four lists for you that include our five favorite books for that age group. Additionally, we’ve noted our top storytime pick from each age category.

If you’d like to learn more about the first Pride March as well as the history of Pride here in the US of A, please check out the Library of Congress’s Resource Guide: 1969 The Stonewall Uprising.

Our Five Favorite Pride Books for Babies

  • Baby’s First Words by Stella Blackstone, Sunny Scribens, & Christiane Engel 9781782858720
  • Bye Bye, Binary by Eric Geron & Charlene Chou 9780063215146
  • My Two Dads and Me by Michael Joosten & Izak Zenou 9780525580102
  • My Two Moms and Me by Michael Joosten & Izak Zenou 9780525580126
  • The Pronoun Book by Chris Ayala-Kronos & Marco Tirado  9780358653158*

Our Five Favorite Pride Books for Toddlers

  • It’s a They by Lindsay Herriot 9781459837652
  • Pride 1 2 3  by Michael Joosten & Wednesday Holmes 9781534464995*
  • Pride Colors by Robin Stevenson  9781459820708
  • Rainbow: A First Book of Pride by Michael Genhart & Anne/Andy Passchier 9781433830877
  • Call me Tree/Llámame Árbol by Maya Gonzalez 9780892392940

Our Five Favorite Pride Books for Preschoolers

  • Together by Megan Madison, Jessi Ralli, & Anne/Andy Passchier  9780593520963
  • Dolls and Trucks Are for Everyone by Robb Pearlman & Eda Kaban 9780762478118
  • Love Makes a Family by Sophie Beer  9780525554226
  • Pride Puppy by Robin Stevenson & Julie McLaughlin 9781459824843*
  • Jamie is Jamie by Afsaneh Moridian & Maria Bogade 9781631981395

Our Five Favorite Pride Books for All Ages

  • Families (We are Little Feminists) by Archaa Shrivastav 9781734182422
  • ‘Twas the Night Before Pride by JoAnna McClintock & Juana Medina 9781536213430*
  • I Am! A book of Reminders by Juana Medina 9780358621256
  • This Day in June by Gayle E. Pitman & Kristyna Litten 9781433816598
  • Mama and Mommy and Me in the Middle by Nina LaCour & Kaylani Juanita 9781536211511

*Storytime Pick

We hope you’re able to highlight Pride through your collection. Here are some printable bookmarks with our five favorite pride books for each of the age groups listed above.

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