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Honoring Infancy: Upcoming Webinars!

In April and May, the Early Childhood Programs and Services Committee will be hosting a series of free webinars on the topic of working with infants in the library. Here’s what’s coming: The first is Honoring Infancy: Growing the Garden – Nurturing a Play and Early Learning Space on Tuesday, April 14th at 3:00 PM Eastern. “Let’s Do It” you proclaim. As a youth professional you have established the importance of play. But how do you get there and create a space supported by the library and your community? Join Mike Rogalla and Tori Ogawa from ALSC’s Early Childhood Programs & Services committee as we explore library play and learning spaces for the youngest of patrons. Whether you’re working with a small budget or looking to redesign your space you can create a play and learning space. Register here. Next, we will offer Honoring Infancy: Libraries Welcoming Babies on Thursday,…

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Passive Programming Builds Community

Winter and spring breaks are coming up, which means our libraries might be more crowded than usual! This is a great time to engage library users, but can also be a bit stressful when trying to manage many age groups simultaneously. Your regularly scheduled toddler storytime now might include older siblings attending, and your children’s section might be filled much earlier than usual. So, how do you balance all of your patrons’ needs simultaneously? Passive programming! But, passive programming is so much more than a tool to help you multitask; it helps build community.

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Playgroups at the Library: Explore the Power of Play and Connect with Your Community

Several years ago as a response to the community’s request and as part of Wilsonville Public Library ‘s strategic plan to “Advance the Library as a community focal point and resource hub,”  the library’s youth services team developed a weekly playgroup.    This program has proven to be a well-attended and a valuable resource in the community for parents and caregivers of young children to connect and for children to explore the power of play. How Playgroup works at Wilsonville Public Library— Each Monday morning, library staff set up the library’s largest meeting room with a variety of toys.  These items for Playgroup are purchased from our library’s program supplies budget.  The following items were selected to promote growth and learning in several different areas– Imaginative Play Including Play Kitchen, Puppet Theater, Dolls Sensory Stimulation Includes Foam Blocks and Sensory Toys Gross Motor Skills and Eye-Hand Coordination Includes Ball Games and…

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Early Literacy and Senior Citizen: An Excellent Pairing!

It was the second Wednesday of the month at 11:00 AM, which meant it was time to visit with the senior citizens at the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Family Support Center for the Eating Together Program in Baltimore, Maryland. The Eating Together program is a place where seniors gather to share a meal, exercise, socialize, and on this particular day, listen to me talk about the importance of early literacy for children between the ages of birth and 5 years. While this may seem like an unlikely group for such a message, senior citizens are a great group with whom to share your early literacy outreach messages. In the audience at the Family Support Center, several of the attendees are former educators and all of them are proud parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. They are after school tutors, Sunday School teachers, and community leaders. In essence, they are people who are…

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Tips for Talking to Littles in the Library

We all know how important it is to engage young children in lots of conversation and talk, but sometimes it is difficult in practice. Sometimes adults don’t know how to start a conversation with a young child or how to talk to a child before they are able to talk back. If kids could tell us how they wanted adults to talk to them, they may come up with some tips like these: For Pre-Talkers Me first! I may be teeny tiny, but when you speak to me right away, you are showing me that conversation is for me too. Look! When I show you that I am really interested in something, talk to me about it. I am more receptive to language at those moments. I’m talking too! Even if I haven’t learned to say any words yet, I am talking with you when I move my body, smile…

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Storytime Books That Will Make Grownups Laugh

Storytime is an integral part of being a children’s librarian. One of the biggest frustrations I’ve come across is keeping the grownups engaged. From ALSC’s Early Childhood Programs and Services Committee (ECPS) Cookies and Conversation, one way to engage parents is by reading books with jokes that adults will also find funny.

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Go Big With Art!

It’s no secret that doing process-based art activities with young children has many benefits bedsides just being really, really fun. It not only helps them develop fine motor skills by holding the different art supplies, but because we are moving around and being active, it helps with those gross motor skills too. We’re often using our entire bodies to create and because many of the activities are collaborative (either between the adult and child or between the entire group of children) we’re also building those ever-important social skills. When we go big with art, we’re combining being active with creativity into one hands-on experience!

ALA Annual 2019

Cookies and Conversation: Early Childhood Programming

On Sunday, June 23 at ALA Annual, ALSC’s Early Childhood Programs and Services Committee (ECPS) hosted a Cookies and Conversation chat in the Networking Uncommons. The goal of this chat was to hear from children’s librarians across the country about what support they would like from ECPS in order to help ECPS plan their next project. We highlight a handful below, but check out the ALSC Connect page for the full set of topics covered.