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Standing for Election: 2024-25 ALSC Board of Directors

In an effort to help ALSC members make an informed decision before they vote, today’s blog post consists of statements from the five candidates standing for election to the 2024-25 ALSC Board of Directors; three candidates will be elected.



Kimberly Alberts is standing for election as an ALSC Board of Directors candidate.

Photo credit: Melissa Peeples

As someone who has worked in libraries for over 15 years and has been an active member of ALSC for 12, I would bring my extensive skills and experience to the Board of Directors. Currently, I am the Priority Group Consultant for Group 1 – Advocacy, which has given me an in–depth education on the overall operation of the division. I’ve served on and chaired various ALSC committees and task forces such as Early Childhood Programs & Services, School-Age Programs & Service, Public Awareness & Advocacy, and the 2017 Newbery. I have also been both a participant and a panelist/facilitator at the Morris Seminar

Censorship and disinformation is unfortunately at the forefront of this difficult period for libraries. As a frontline librarian, it’s important to me that ALSC continues to become an instrumental resource in helping its members feel supported, especially through an EDI lens. Those members will then be better equipped to support their own communities.  

ALSC has consistently been an invaluable resource for me throughout my career. I’m excited to see where the division is headed through the latest strategic plan, particularly with their focus on accessibility and EDI. I would be honored to serve on the Board and become a part of that trajectory.

Kimberly Alberts

Sandra Farag is standing for election as an ALSC Board of Directors Candidate. 

Photo courtesy of Sandra Farag

I am honored to be considered for ALSC’s Board of Directors. As a first-generation Egyptian- American, I have used my voice, expertise, and strengths to support diverse and equitable services for youth and their caregivers for 25+ years.

My experience allows me to see problems and develop innovative solutions. I created and championed youth spaces and collections in libraries that didn’t have any. As Supervising Librarian for NYPL and BPL, I developed collections and supported programs and initiatives for the youth of NYC. That led me to be the Head, Youth Collection Development for Ingram where I created an entire suite of free DEIAB resources from scratch to support DEIAB initiatives for libraries across the country.

Now, back in libraries, as Head of Youth Services for the Kalamazoo Public Library, my focus is to reengage, reconnect, and reinvite youth and caregivers back to the library.

As an ALSC member for 8 years, I was selected and/or elected for the Bill Morris Seminar, ALSC’s Mildred Batchelder Award, and Legacy Award.

Finally, I have been appointed to the Kalamazoo Literacy Council’s Board of Directors, where I will work to empower caregivers to be confident as their child’s first and most important literacy teacher.

Sandra Farag

Ayn Frazee is standing for election as an ALSC Board of Directors Candidate.

Photo credit: ALA conference photography team

As a dedicated teacher-librarian with extensive involvement in ALSC and board leadership in my state organization, I am thrilled to stand for election to the ALSC Board. With over a decade working with youth in a library setting and six years of active engagement and participation in several ALSC committees, I bring a wealth of experience in advocating for equity and inclusion in library services. My journey with ALSC started as a member of the inaugural cohort of the ALSC EDI Fellows which cemented my connection to our organization. My dedication to dismantling systemic oppression fuels my contributions, demonstrated by my participation in the transition of the ALSC Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Task Force into a standing committee, of which I am now the co-chair. Additionally, I co-chaired the Pura Belpré Expansion Task Force which updated and expanded the award. I had the honor of selecting author illustrator James Ransome as the member of the Children’s Literature Legacy Committee last year, a highlight of my professional career thus far.  

I understand the diverse needs of ALSC members, having served in various capacities. My multifaceted background equips me to champion the voices of our community effectively. I am not only unafraid to ask challenging questions but also eager to foster dialogue and collaboration to propel ALSC forward.

It would be an honor to serve on the ALSC Board, leveraging my passion for youth literature and library services to contribute to the betterment of our organization and the communities we serve. Thank you for considering my candidacy.

Ayn Frazee

Kimberly Probert Grad is standing for election as an ALSC Board of Directors Candidate. 

Photo credit: Norman Jaillet

ALSC has been a major part of my professional life for over sixteen years. Having the chance to make contributions to children’s services through ALSC has been a truly meaningful experience. I’m thrilled at
the prospect of joining the leadership team to further the new strategic plan.

While working in Youth Services at Brooklyn Public Library, I served as a member, chair or co-chair on many ALSC committees, including 2022 Newbery Selection, School Age Programs and Services, Quicklists, Notable Children’s Books, and Great Websites for Kids, and most recently the Programs and Services Recognition. My service on the Newbery 100th Anniversary Task Force gave me great insight into the structure of ALSC as an organization. Through this work, I had the opportunity to write an article for Children & Libraries and a chapter in The Newbery Practitioner’s Guide.

Currently in my third year as Director of Abbot Public Library in Marblehead MA, I am in the process of reinventing an historic library through a gut renovation. I have also written a new strategic plan, updated and revised policies, and increased staff mentorship. I have strong event planning and project management skills, extensive outreach and programming experience, and knowledge of library operations including budgeting, human resources, marketing, publicity and website development.

I am excited about the possibility of adding my energy and creativity to the Board of Directors. With your vote, you will benefit from the work of a truly dedicated colleague.  

Kimberly Probert Grad

Maegen Rose is standing for election as an ALSC Board of Directors Candidate. 

Photo courtesy of Maegen Rose

As I reflect on my career as a school librarian, ALSC has been an important part of my journey. Over the past decade, I have had many opportunities to be a member-leader. Through my committee service on the Children’s Literature Legacy Committee, Budget Committee, Excellence in Early Learning Digital Media Committee, and Andrew Carnegie Medal for Excellence in Children’s Videos Committee, I have seen firsthand the impact ALSC has on advancing the landscape of library services to children. As such, I am honored to deepen my involvement by standing for election as a candidate for the Board of Directors.

I have a great appreciation for the crucial role ALSC plays in the library profession as advocates for children and the librarians who serve them, supporting lifelong learning through continuing education and rich programming, and promoting diversity and equity initiatives.

I am excited for this opportunity, eager to collaborate with leaders and members, and utilize my experience to further ALSC’s important work of growing a strong future for children and libraries.

Thank you for considering me.

Maegen Rose

The 2024 ALA Election opens Monday, March 11th and closes Wednesday, April 3rd. Three candidates will be elected to the 2024-25 ALSC Board of Directors Don’t forget to vote!

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  1. Jackson Gomes

    I am so proud of Kimberly Grad. I personally worked with her for years. She is the perfect candidate after working for the fifth largest library system in the country. All the kids programs she lead with serving our 2.5 million residents part of the borough of Brooklyn. Go Kim!

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