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It’s Kindness Month!

Have you been spreading random acts of kindness this month? A small gesture of kindness can create a happy, creative, and productive work environment. Youth Services is a busy place filled with hard-working staff. A perfect place to surprise someone with a kind gesture! There is still a week left in the month. (You even have an extra leap day!) Take a few minutes to express kindness and gratitude for having each staff member on the Youth Services team. Try one of these simple ideas:

  1. Help a staff member finish a task or take a turn doing a daily task for them. We regularly walk around to clean up the department. A task like this is a perfect one to do for your coworker!
  2. Make a kindness note area. Is there a spot near your mailboxes or in your off-desk work area that everyone in your department sees daily? Use this spot to leave some kindness notes! Grab some post-its and pens and invite your staff to leave notes of gratitude and kindness.
  3. Handwrite a small note for each of the members in your department. Write a few sentences to say thank you or praise them for a recent program they did. Give them thanks for a project they worked on recently or simply say how you are glad they are part of the team.
  4. Leave a fun joke in their mailbox. Look in the joke books you have in your department. Find one that they can’t help but smile at!

The kindness shouldn’t stop at the end of February. Keep finding ways to spread kindness in your department and your library. Each small gesture will create a lasting connection and keep your team thinking optimistically and working collaboratively.

What have you done to spread kindness? Please share your kindness acts below!

Today’s blog post was written by Christy Kepler, Head of Youth Services at the Oswego Public LIbrary District in Illinois, on behalf of the ALSC Managing Children’s Services Committee. She can be reached at

This blog relates to ALSC Core Competencies of VI. Administrative and Management Skills, 8.

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  1. Uma Nori

    Christy, thank you for this wonderful post and great ideas.

    Your example of picking up toys and helping around in the department is a perfect one to remind ourselves that a simple gesture like that is “kindness.”

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