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LEGO® Build to Give

This year, our local Lego club came to me and asked if our libraries would like to partner with them to spread the word about LEGO®’s Build to Give program. Our libraries love having LEGO® programs and they are very popular in the community, but I had never heard of this program.

What is it?

For every person who builds a heart out of Legos and shares a picture of it on social media with the hashtag #BuildToGive, LEGO® will donate a set to a child in need of play this holiday season.

This program started in early November and runs through the end of 2023.

How can my library participate?

My library agreed to put out a box of LEGO®s in the children’s area with a poster that our local club made about the program. Both of our logos are on it and it gives basic instructions on how families can participate. They also included a QR code that takes you to the LEGO® website which I will share below. I will also put up a LEGO® book display because those are always fun and popular. This is a great passive program for our community that will only involve staff in making sure there aren’t Lego blocks strewn about the library.

This could also be an active program if your library has the capacity for that. Have community members drop in during a designated time and have them make a heart (big or small) then post about it on social media.

Where can I find more information?

The LEGO® website has instructions on how to participate here, and you can share the link with your patrons.

There is an article from the ALSC blog by Peter Blenski titled “Building STEM Connections with Lego Club: A New Outlook on an Old Program” that discusses some benefits of connecting with Lego clubs and the benefits of LEGO® in general.

If your library can’t participate, consider participating yourself and spreading the word with patrons you know love Legos!

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