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My Favorite Middle Grade Novels of 2023 (So Far!)

We are halfway through 2023 and wow, there are some amazing middle grade books that need a shout-out! From graphic novels to fantasy, tweens have plenty to choose from. With diverse characters and compelling storytelling, I would highly recommend these titles and declare them as some of the best of 2023!

Best Fantasy Novel: Serafina and the Black Cloak: The Graphic Novel by Robert Beatty

This gothic fantasy graphic novel includes a strong female lead and beautifully haunting illustrations that can remind readers of the Amulet series.

Best Realistic Fiction Novel: Code Red by Joy McCullough

This novel focuses on a young girl’s shift from gymnastics to tackling period poverty in her community. This is an amazing novel for young activists on the rise!

Best Historical Fiction Novel: In the Tunnel by Julie Lee

Set during the Korean War, this novel tells the story of a boy’s experience as a refugee. This is certainly for historical fiction fans of books like The War that Saved My Life.

Best Horror Novel: Infected by Terrance Crawford

For fans of the video game Piggy, this book has plenty of scares and action through its terrifying characters and plot.

Best Mystery Novel: What Happened to Rachel Riley? by Claire Swinarski

Why did Rachel Riley go from hero to zero in her school? A #MeToo mystery for tweens, this novel is perfect for mystery-lovers!

Best Novel in Verse: Aniana del Mar Jumps In by Jasminne Mendez

This poetic novel about a Dominican American swimmer diagnosed with juvenile arthritis is a moving story filled with ups and downs that readers can connect with on some level.

What middle grade novel of 2023 would you recommend?

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