ALA Annual Conference 2023

Chatgpt at #alaac2023

On Saturday, I attended the Core Top Technology Trends where a panel of experts discussed ChatGPT in particular and AI in general as they examine how these emerging technologies impact the LIS field. I don’t attend many sessions that aren’t child based and it was interesting to learn about ChatGPT from varying lenses.

There was a lot of discussion on how AI has actually been around for a while (hello Google), but is just changing from and how individual institutions need to determine their policies for working with chatGPT and AI.

One thing I realized from this session was that I should actually spend some time playing around with chatGPT and see how it worked, instead of just hearing about it. So, my library is currently in a trial on Librari and I decided to ask some questions. Here’s an example using the basic ALSC:

What is ALSC?
The Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC) is a division of the American Library Association (ALA). It is dedicated to supporting the profession of children’s librarianship and promoting high-quality library services for children from birth to age 14. ALSC’s mission is to advocate for and provide leadership in the development, evaluation, and dissemination of library resources and services that meet the needs of all children.

ALSC offers professional development opportunities, resources, and networking for librarians, educators, and other professionals working with children in libraries. It also administers several prestigious awards for children’s literature, including the Newbery Medal, the Caldecott Medal, and the Sibert Medal.

Can you tell me that as a limerick? (because that’s supposedly half the fun of this, right?)

In the world of books, quite grand,
ALSC takes a firm stand,
With medals and cheer,
For books we hold dear,
Their impact on children’s minds, so well planned.

Suggested follow up questions:
What is the main purpose of ALSC in the world of books?
How does ALSC decide which books to award medals?
Can you explain the criteria for selecting medal-winning books?
What are some notable books that have received ALSC awards?
How do these awarded books impact children’s development and learning?
Are there any specific age groups that ALSC focuses on when selecting books?
How can parents and educators use ALSC recommendations to enhance children’s reading experiences?
What role do authors and illustrators play in creating impactful children’s literature recognized by ALSC?
Does ALSC collaborate with other organizations or initiatives to promote children’s literacy

So, what I really learned is ChatGPT is the next tool and as librarians we should figure out how to use it. #carryon

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