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Looking to make worthwhile connections AND contributions? Seeking summer fun and enrichment? Perhaps you just want to familiarize yourself with the ALSC community. Join us May 18th for a virtual networking opportunity to discover the power of #weareALSC. There will be four different networking sessions built into this one virtual afternoon!

The first session will be for those interested in ALA Annual and ALSC at ALA Annual. The Membership committee has combed the conference schedule and will suggest some can’t-miss programs and events that focus on serving youth. Will this be your first Annual? Join the breakout room to meet a few folks you’re likely to see in Chicago and find a conference buddy! 

How about a one-on-one or a 101? Well, the second session will be dedicated to networking with individuals who are new to the ALSC community and want to meet others who are new. Together this group can embark on a journey of ALSC initiatives and dive into the member center.  

The third session breakout is all about ALSC awards, grants, and scholarships: oh, my, have you ever given it a try? Are you interested in obtaining grants or scholarships or you just love to discuss a thought-provoking award book? This session will provide an opportunity to explore options in these categories. 

The fourth breakout room will be all about writing for ALSC! Did you know that ALSC has a regular blog you can write for, as well as a refereed journal? Join this breakout room to talk about your experience writing for ALSC, to learn more about the process, and to be connected with the right people to make your writing dreams come true.  

Together is always better, because #weareALSC. Join us on May 18th at 2pm PT/ 3pm MT/ 4pm CT/ 5pm ET, for an engaging networking event.  Follow this link to register!

Mitzi Mack is a media specialist/teacher librarian in Tampa, Florida, and a member of the ALSC Membership Committee.

This blog post relates to ALSC Core Competencies of: VII. Professionalism and Professional Development.

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