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Add Your Voice to the ALSC Chorus!

Serving as the ALSC President for 2022-2023 has been a humbling experience in many ways, not the least of which is because every day I have reminders that it is the dedicated work and input of members–all volunteers!–that allows us to set, work toward, and accomplish our goals. It’s incredibly rewarding to see the ways in which members add their talents and voices to the whole–and I want to invite YOU to add your voice to the chorus as well!

Here are some upcoming opportunities:

Be sure to cast your ballot in the 2023 election!

The election opens on Monday, March 13, for all members who were active as of the end of January. In addition to casting your vote for your next Board representatives and leaders, members will also be voting on two proposed amendments to the ALSC bylaws. One bylaws item is with regard to how ALSC membership dues may be adjusted; the second is to align our bylaws language with actual committee structure and process. You can find the full text for the bylaws updates on the ballot on the ALSC website.

Attend the ALSC Community Forum on March 15, 2023, at 2 pm Central!

This community forum, open to members, will have the topic of “Strategic Planning in Progress,” and it will be an opportunity to hear more about how the Board has been thinking about ALSC’s future rooted in all the community feedback we received over the autumn and winter. Major themes that we’re exploring from all that input are 1) connection; 2) EDI; 3) media evaluation; and 4) organizational excellence. We’d love to hear from you how you think of these areas as priorities for ALSC! Members need to be logged into the ALA website to access the Community Forum registration.

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Submit your volunteer form to apply to serve on a process committee!

It’s (basically) spring again, which means current ALSC Vice President Jonda McNair has taken on the role of appointing officer for ALSC–and that means she’s diving into the work of making appointments for all sorts of ALSC process committees and roles, including members, co-chairs, and priority group consultants. The month of March is an excellent time to make sure you have an up-to-date application on file if you’re interested in serving. You can learn more, as well as find the link to the online volunteer form, on the ALSC website.

Plan to attend an upcoming ALSC convening!

That could mean an in-person event like the 2023 Children’s Literature Lecture with Bryan Collier, taking place in Dayton, Ohio, on Wednesday, April 12 (I can’t wait!), or registering for the ALA Annual Conference in Chicago where there will be lots of great ALSC goings-on (early bird registration available through March 31!). It could also mean watching ALA Connect for notice of upcoming committee meetings, which members are welcome to sit in on to learn more about committee work. Regardless of what opportunities you choose, I am confident you’ll be delighted at the connections you make and the possibilities that will arise. ALSC members give so much to the life of this organization, and they’re always generously looking to share and welcome others into the fold.

How are you planning to add your voice to ALSC work in the coming months?

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