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Program in a Post: Local Art!

The Cottage by Sarah Hill

With this post, a talented local artist, and some space, you can host a successful art show for kids and families! 


  • Talented local artist 
  • Publicity 
  • Space 
  • Optional: local artist grant program 

Way back before the pandemic, we were approached by local artist Sarah Hill as she was applying for a grant from Southern Minnesota Arts Council  to see if Rochester Public Library could be the location for her grant required public art show opening. Her grant focus was to explore work with polymer clay and acrylic paints with the goal of debuting her art at an interactive art show for families.  

After too many COVID-19 related delays to count, this Saturday, April 23rd, we were finally able to host a Family Friendly 3D Art Show complete with a super fun scavenger hunt! We are lucky enough to have some locking cases in our children’s area, so we get to continue to host the show for an entire month. 

So how can you translate this into a successful event at your library? All communities have talented local artists who might be interested in celebrating their art in YOUR space and many communities have grant programs that support artists. Get the word out that your library is a location for art openings or ongoing displays (if you have appropriate display space). You can connect with local artists on social media or through local arts organizations. No matter how small your community, there is someone there making art – go find them! Good luck! 

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