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The Big Move

Have you ever moved your library?

If you are like me, you get very excited to work in a new, fresh space with state-of-the-art technology and a pristine collection.

But, you know, you have to MOVE.

View from the computers

Back in 2012, I was lucky.  I started my first professional library job, in teen services, in a brand-new building, the week before it opened.  That week was spent learning about the high-tech details of the branch—a new audio recording studio, a SmartBoard, new and different phones, photocopy machines, and the like.

It did not involve packing and unpacking.  That task was completed by the time I started. 

Fast forward to now.  I work at a different branch that also staffs a mini branch in a local strip mall.

Or at least I did.  That mini branch, though still smaller than most of our branches, has now moved onto the campus of a 7-12 public school, that is next door to the K-6 building.

As the children’s librarian, this location promises to be a huge change.  We have hired additional staff, who must be trained.  The branch manager, teen librarian, and I spoke to teachers on their staff day.  We are reaching out to make connections.  I already am in talks with the 3rd grade teachers who are interested in a book club but…

Kids will love their new gaming space

The library has to be put together.  Tons of bins were packed at the old location.  They were moved last week to the new.  A “move team” is arranging the collection.  Maintenance is building tables.  IT is setting up computers.

And we are all still working at the other, larger branch.

If you’ve done this before…how long before you felt organized???

The adventure began Saturday! 

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