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Where are you at now?

It’s been a year and change since the pandemic upended our lives and changed how we worked in our buildings, how we performed our story times, how we handled materials, and so much more. In a year, so much has changed and so much more remains unseen. I don’t know about your region, but with spring in the air and vaccine eligibility opening up, it seems like the whole world has reawakened from some drastically bad dream and is ready to begin again.

In May of last year when my system started discussing reopening the buildings and resuming limited services at the branch, a few images started circling to facilitate staff talking about what their risks seemed to be, like this one:

Covid risk assessment levels from lowest risk to moderate risk to higher risk to highest risk
Photo by Amanda Northrup via

Most staff seemed to be in the lowest risk or moderate risk categories before we went back into the buildings. Once we resumed service in the branches, we met patrons who were at all risk levels, including those who were COVID deniers or Anti-Maskers.

Now that the world seems to have hit a new moment where we are resuming old life patterns and habits, it’s a good time to take a look at a new chart and think about where you are now at this moment. Use the chart below to think about where you feel you are, and where you might be soon, and use it to rethink how to resume your life at the library and beyond as things continue to shift and grow. And remember, stay safe no matter where you are!

nfographic created by Amy Steinbauer showing risk levels for Resuming Life After or During Covid.
Infographic created by Amy Steinbauer showing risk levels for Resuming Life After or During COVID.

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