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How Would Beloved Children’s Characters Survive the Pandemic?

Picture Book Characters

Allow me some brevity to the seriousness of the current climate. If you can step out of the moment for some light-hearted fun, join me in guessing how beloved children’s picture book characters would be surviving the pandemic and 2020. Below are my guesses of the fates for 10 beloved picture book characters.

Corduroy: From Corduroy: I think of all the characters, this bear is gonna be a-ok! He is used to spending his time alone, wandering around with little purpose, and looking for something that is outside and unattainable. I think we can all relate to those feelings.

Peter: From The Snowy Day: Peter has become all about those daily walks! He is walking around his neighborhood, local parks, and getting those 20,000 steps in. He has developed some serious local guides and is maybe Mr. Neighborhood by now.

Caterpillar: From The Very Hungry Caterpillar: Sorry, friend. But this Caterpillar has most likely gained the COVID- 19. Maybe even more as they have lots of opportunities to eat every item in their pantry. Was it a good idea to stock up on ice cream, chips, and rice? Only time will tell, and this caterpillar is getting hungry again.

Princess Elizabeth: From The Paper Bag Princess: She was the first gal to ditch the stuffy clothes of traditional outside garb and be all about that chillaxing! You will definitely catch this gal rocking her PJs during her Zoom meetings. She hasn’t left the house since March and is fine about it.

Madeline: From Madeline: Madeline is your energetic friend who has a really hard time staying still and indoors! She is channeling all that energy into Zoom Happy Hours, challenging all their friends to Among Us games, organizing HouseParty get-togethers, etc. If they can’t see friends IRL, they are desperate to keep the party going online.

Bunny: From Goodnight Moon: Bunny has lost sense of what day it is or what time it is… they are all about their routines. Routines help them keep some normalcy. Goodnight moon, Good Morning sun, good day brush, another day of mush…

Brown Bear: From Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do you see?: Brown Bear has taken to staring out the window for long periods of time. Too long? That is relative. Time is meaningless. Brown Bear, Brown Bear what do you see? I see mask-wearing and social distancing that’s what I see.

Fancy Nancy: From Fancy Nancy: Ooh Fancy Nancy has gotten all into masks. She has beaded, bedazzled, and bejeweled masks. She has masks in every color from Coquelicot to Vermilion to Skobeloff. She has matching masks for her dolls, including Marabelle.

The Little Engine: From The Little Engine that Could: This little engine is trying her best to get through the pandemic. She thinks she can, she thinks she can, she thinks she can. And if she tries so hard to stay safe and stay inside, she will get through it!

Curious George: From Curious George: Curious George is taking a deep dive into the curiosities of the hidden items in their apartment. When did they start collecting hats? Did the Man in the Yellow Hat have something to do with this? Did they have a plan for this hobby of hat collecting? Do they still or want these hats? Do the hats still bring them joy?

What beloved character are you embodying to survive this time? Or share below if you can think of how more characters would be spending their time in the pandemic!


  1. Carol Edwards

    Poor Scaredy Squirrel is having his acorns delivered and hasn’t left his nest in months. When others come close he pretends he’s sleeping- with his mask on. No on can get past his barrier of used sanitizer bottles that block his nest from anything closer than 8 feet

  2. Lina Crowell

    These are good! Would it be okay for me to share these on our library’s Facebook page?

    One of my colleagues suggested this: ” Winnie the Pooh would dive into a tree filled with honey and not come out until the pandemic is over.  That is, if he could fit out.  He’s been stuck before!”

    As for me, I’d put my faith in Madam Pomphrey to have a cure!

    1. Amy Steinbauer Post author

      Sure! Just credit the blog! I love Winnie the Pooh– I agree– he would have stockpiled honey! Thanks!

      1. Lina Crowell


  3. Emily Mroczek- Bayci

    love this! the Baudelaire. children from A Series of Unfortunate Events would take the pandemic in stride as a simply another unfortunate happening in their trail of misery. Violet would invent a device that makes contract tracing all the easier. Klaus would speed read all the pandemic research to help find the vaccine.
    Bunny would bite anyone that came within six feet of them, or dared to not wear a mask.

  4. Bob Zaslow

    Emma of ‘Emma’s Pet,’ might have to see a cub-psychiatrist because she would not be able to hug her daddy for at least two weeks when he was in quarantine.

    Cinderella would probably fare much better because her step-family would have gone to the ball maskless and Cinderella would have the run of the house when they were laid up, especially with the step-mom’s co-morbidities.

    And the Cat from ‘The Cat in the Hat’ would avoid any virus by building a traveling COVID-Buster-Thing-a-McDoodle powered by bicycle pedals and Thing One and Thing Two.

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