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Words of Wisdom #ALSC20

I’ve been having difficulty lately coming up with my own coherent words, so I thought I would share some of the phrases and words of wisdom that have inspired me so far at the ALSC Institute:

“There are no safety nets for the truth” (on telling the truth in an accessible way for young readers).

“When your feet are held to the fire, you have to deliver” (on having strong strategic EDI goals to keep you accountable).

“Dreaming is activism” (from a discussion on the multitude of ways to be an activist).

“How deep is the mud? It depends on how tall you are” (on developing empathy by imagining another person’s view).

“I can’t get caught up in the fears of the future. I just have to work in the present and create this work that matters to me” (Christian Robinson on working during this uncertain time).

I’m inspired and awed by all of the panelists and presenters who have shared so far.

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