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Fire Prevention Month

October is Fire Prevention Month. If we were in more normal times, this is usually the time of year that libraries would partner with fire stations to give out helpful reminders for all ages about how to stay safe at home.

Instead, we are all home, and hopefully safe!

If you choose to virtually showcase some fire prevention tips this month, here are book ideas to help. I am also including a song and a felt rhyme. If you are focusing on curbside service only, consider making a firefighter bundle of books!

“Five little firefighters” felt rhyme from Read, Rhyme, and Sing

Note- I love felt stories because you have some creative license. You can make your firefighters look exactly as you want! This one didn’t take me too much time and I had a lot of fun thinking about how I could reflect my community back in little felt friends. Tip- I always make an extra felt piece for the future moment where I lose one of the pieces!

Five little firefighters are standing in a row, (five fingers up)
1, 2, 3, 4, 5 let’s go! (Point to fingers as numbers are said)
Jump on the engine with a SHOUT, (jump and then shout)
As quick as a wink, the fire is out! (snap fingers, wink, ASL sign for done).
Take a firefighter away each round until you are out.

“Hurry, Hurry Drive the Firetruck” From King County Library System in Washington State. This song constantly gets in my head, even when I get all the words wrong, which typically happens every time I covered Baby Lap Time.

I’m Brave by Kate McMullin

I love Kate McMullin’s books! They are fun to read stories about vehicles that children love to see around their communities. This one deals with Firetrucks. I also love these books for their use of onomatopoeia as the firetruck zooms through the book. It’s can be an added fun to let kids make their own sounds.

Fire! Fuego! Brave Bomberos by Susan Middleton Elya

I love this bright and bold book with rhyming text. While I don’t categorize it as a bilingual text, there are lots of Spanish words to accompany the English text. It’s a really fun read-aloud with lots of graphic pictures that show the usual work of illustrator Dan Santat.

The Little Fire Truck by Margery Cuyler

This one is a classic, but a good one. Margery Cuyler writes a few of these Little Transportation books, I also like the Ice Cream Truck one. There is a little bit of a rhyme here, and it makes the story follow along a bit. There is also a pretty diverse group of firefighters which can be hard to find in picture books about community helpers.

Firefighter Ted by Andrea Beaty

This one shows some cute dramatic play of how a child would think a firefighter would react. Prepare for some giggles as Firefighter Ted has some things to figure out about being a real firefighter. In the meantime, he gets himself into some hot water!

Chief Rhino To the Rescue by Sam Lloyd

I really like this book. It’s another goofy and fun book to read about a serious Chief Rhino who is on the lookout to help a suspicious fire. He jumps into action and goes to help his beloved town. But, there is no real fuss here, just a little fun!

What are some of your favorite firefighter songs, rhymes, or books? Will you still be promoting Fire Prevention this month? Leave a comment below!

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  1. Jessica F

    Hi Amy! Love the everyday diversity you included in your flannel firefighter set. I like to model writing and make an equipment list with my storytime kiddos before singing a song such as “If You’re Going to Fight a Fire, Wear You Boots” or “Hat, Jacket, Pants and Boots.” I also like to use my modified Mouse House flannel with many different types of houses and include the firehouse!

    Storytime in the Stacks

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